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  1. Yes, I do have same problem. So I use Apex Launcher Pro to replace Launcher2. Now it is OK on both side.
  2. Please look at my case. It is wonderful from China and just cost US$8.00. http://www.5i01.cn/topicdetail.php?f=605&t=2880209&p=1
  3. I check one in China ADVERTISING SPAM. It is about USD10.50. http://item.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0k.1000778.1000385.3&scm=1007.61.0.0&id=16097691420&ad_id=&am_id=&cm_id=&pm_id=
  4. My relative in NYC has received the package and transfer to Hong Kong via USPS. I may have it after 6 days. Hope can enjoy it. Place order on July 19 and receive shipping mail notice on July 20. My relative receive it on July 21.
  5. John, If you can read Chinese, please visit Taiwan site: http://www.mobile01.com and search MyPad P3, I have many thread there for root and CWM, etc. My ID is taitony too.
  6. Yes. There is a bug. When you backup but it can not create MD5 files for each image. It can only create three images: boot, system, and data. But, if you wipe everything, then backup and it is OK for everything include MD5 file. I should create MD5 file manually and then can restore these three files (boot,system and data) to reboot MyPad P3. This is my experience on this CWM. But anyway, thank for your effort.
  7. OK, please advise me how to dump this ROM ? I use CWM to backup and get some image files in SD card. Is it same as dump ROM ?
  8. MyPad P3 root OK now. Just use CWM to flash update.zip.
  9. Dear Guys, ZTE Light Tab 2 has been released in my country (Taiwan) but with other name as MyPad P3 and I have one. It use gingerbread 2.3.5 and so far I can not root it with the latest version of zergRush. Any one can help ? Today I try this toos - UnlockRoot-2.2.1 but it report fail to shell root this devices. At this moment, I just can get in Fastboot mode to flash recovery image.
  10. Taiwan Mobile release its new Pad Phone as MyPad P3 that is same as Light Tab 2 or ZTE V9A. I use the unlock tools but it fail to root this new device. Any help for Root ? I have to delete the apps that TWM add it.
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