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  1. Yes, I do have same problem. So I use Apex Launcher Pro to replace Launcher2. Now it is OK on both side.

    Does anyone else have the problem when switching from landscape to portrait mode while only showing the launcher that it will take up to one minute until the widgets and shortcuts are loaded again and show on the screen?

    The funny thing is that this only happens from landscape to portrait mode. The other way around it works just fine.

  2. Please look at my case. It is wonderful from China and just cost US$8.00.


    I've just received the AmazonBasics 7" case


    It fits snuggly, but the corner strap and case lip does make pressing the power button fiddly.

    If Amazon wanted they could easily make this a smart case with a magnet and it'd be perfect for it.

    Pictures https://plus.google....525442392769937, one showing how the buttons are a little obscured.

  3. My relative in NYC has received the package and transfer to Hong Kong via USPS. I may have it after 6 days.

    Hope can enjoy it.

    Place order on July 19 and receive shipping mail notice on July 20. My relative receive it on July 21.


  4. Yes, V9A (aka Light Tab 2) is available in Hong Kong already. Just managed to get one in hands.

    I have been using Blade and Light for a good while so can let you guys know how it fares comparing to the two.

    And, tell me if you need any benchmark scores and I will run them before sending it off to make protectors and cases. (Yes, it looks almost identical to V9 but the sizes are slightly different.)

    Allow me to say, it's all brought to you by casesss.com laugh.gif

    Update: Vellamo freezes on first run, damn!



    If you can read Chinese, please visit Taiwan site: http://www.mobile01.com and search MyPad P3, I have many thread there for root and CWM, etc. My ID is taitony too.

  5. Yes. There is a bug. When you backup but it can not create MD5 files for each image. It can only create three images: boot, system, and data. But, if you wipe everything, then backup and it is OK for everything include MD5 file.

    I should create MD5 file manually and then can restore these three files (boot,system and data) to reboot MyPad P3.

    This is my experience on this CWM.

    But anyway, thank for your effort.

    If that is my version of Clockwork Mod recovery (and from the name it could be) you should be very carefully with it, the guys I got to test it said it would crash and corrupt when it restores from back ups..

    ive been too busy with work stuff to return to it.. and also lacking a handset...

  6. Dear Guys,

    ZTE Light Tab 2 has been released in my country (Taiwan) but with other name as MyPad P3 and I have one. It use gingerbread 2.3.5 and so far I can not root it with the latest version of zergRush. Any one can help ? Today I try this toos - UnlockRoot-2.2.1 but it report fail to shell root this devices. At this moment, I just can get in Fastboot mode to flash recovery image.

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