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  1. Do you really think this phone is relevant given what we've seen from HTC and the 'J Butterfly' and whatever that manifests itself as outside of Japan? It just smacks of 'we must one-up Sammie'!? Wouldn't you rather have seen the time/energy that's gone into this phone create the perfect 'next flagship'?
  2. I too experienced a moment of TripNFreud madness.. flashed the ROM (twice just to make sure Trip's double wipe was effective).. but have since gone back to a Sense-based ROM (all that shockingly bad memory management included). - No doubt the ROM certainly shows the promise of the Tegra-3, and the functionality that Trip has added in is excellent... however - GPS couldn't find it's way out of a wet paper bag for about five minutes after a reboot and while it kept telling me it could see sixteen satellites it never got a lock on more than four. Ironically an HTC Sensation and a GNex had both locked onto seven out of seven visible beacons. - The stock ICS camera is just a joke compared to HTC's Camera app + ImageSense. Whatever is going on with the sensor needs sorting out (and I'm not blaming Trip for that whatsoever). As the camera was always one of the selling points anyone who flashes an AOSP ROM had better be convinced they don't mind taking mediocre photos (the kind you used to take with your Sensation more often than not!) I'm looking forward to seeing what further magic Trip can conjure up with this ROM.. and for now I'll have to be content just being a spectator on the sidelines.
  3. I quite like your soft menu implementation. 'Pure' ICS works for me..
  4. No - I believe it relies too heavily on the Sense framework (which obviously doesn't exist in an AOSP build).
  5. I'm going to assume that as it says HTC Europe, I (located in Asia) am not going to see this OTA, even if I am 'carrier-free'.
  6. Legend! Nice one Eddy Given Paul is in Seattle, methinks it might take a while.
  7. Tonight I let my battery run completely flat and then plugged it into the charger (without turning it back on) I came back about an hour and the phone was almost too hot to pick up. Definite smell of warm plastic in the air. More than a little worrying.
  8. Baad has done it again has he.. I ran the RCMix ROM for a day.. and it's not the performance that made me come back to Trip's ROM.. it's Sense.. once you've used ICS for any amount of time going back to stock GB is difficult.. never mind using Sense 3.5 on ICS (hard to tell where the ICS bits are sometimes). Admittedly I've been running stock ICS on one phone or another for almost two months now (Nexus S initially and now a Galaxy Nexus), so I will patiently wait for Trip to do what he needs to do to get ICS running on the Sensation..
  9. We'll see what Google has to say about that long term.. and yes, I own an Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus..
  10. I'm also open-minded.. which is why I dislike Sense.. it's HTC's attempt to make these phones more 'useable' for the masses. I understand, it's their take on what they think people need. But frankly I want HTC to focus on the HARDWARE aspect of their operation and let Google and all the app devs focus on the SOFTWARE portion.. If HTC want to produce lovely skins or widgets or whatever it is they feel they need to produce, that's fine.. just give it to us on a stock ROM. The handset makers continued desire to differentiate themselves through skinning only hinders Android's ability to rule the market *cough* world..
  11. If all you consider is that the ROM is fully functional then sure I suppose this 'leak' is great.. Otherwise it's a piece of [email protected] It's Sense 3.5 on top of an overblown ICS framework.. the factory images of stock ICS 4.0.2 for the Galaxy Nexus are 184MB.. why on earth does this ROM need to be [email protected]? And where's the value add.. what is so revolutionary in this version of Sense? Nothing.. it's more of the same old thing.. and that quite frankly is tired. There's virtually nothing that differentiates it from a GB Sense-based ROM.. ooh.. it has Apple-like square folders on the home screen.. Everyone run and flash it.. cuz you know those nice round folders are just so last year.. PUHLEEZ. </rant ends>
  12. Get something, anything, just don't get Beats... it's a joke. Period.
  13. I hope he's kicking back enjoying some time to himself.. he'll sort this HWA business out when he gets around to it.
  14. Say what you will but the Galaxy Nexus is a fabulous phone.. it really is a complete package and while I'm fond of my Sensation I'm not sure it's going to be a match for the GN.
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