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  1. Just delete the autorun file under the 2577 directory on your storage card - won't affect it in any other way...
  2. Went through customer services...no renewal of contract or anything (I'm out of my contract)
  3. OK, I've added it as a bundle to my existing plan, so it definitely can be done without going to one of the advertised WNW plans...
  4. Just to save anyone else phoning up today, even though it's now on the website they still can't access the new Web'n'walk on their systems till tomorrow... Also, has the add Web'n'walk option disappeared from everyone else's 'My T-Mobile'? Looking unlikely that adding the £7.50 to my existing plan will be an option tomorrow then...
  5. I went in earlier and saw this option, but I've never made changes like this online before - will the change take immediate effect, or will it go in at your next billing date? (ie does this circumvent the call centres problem that they can't put this on your account till 1 April?) Pagemakers, no - she told me that the fair usage policy does not mention any fair use limits for browsing as long as it is just browsing and done on a handset...but it could just be that she was misinformed (she did go away to speak to someone else).
  6. no, as I said above, I was told there was no usage limit - the fair usage policy apparently only stipulates that you can't use it in the ways mentioned (P2P, VoIP etc) nope, she was going to put it through for me from my next billing date - I said I wanted it before then...she came back to the phone and said it's only on the system for information at the moment and couldn't put it through now anyway...if I call back on the 1st they should be able to do it then...
  7. Just spoke to T-Mobile CS...they said to me that there is NO limit for handset based BROWSING and that the fair use only comes in if they detect the handset being used as a modem, for P2P, VoIP or video streaming...
  8. Yep, from the Orange site the description is of the "Music Bundle" package: "A fantastic Music device with dedicated music buttons and a 512 Meg storage card, that can hold 500+ music tracks.You can even plug the C550 into your stereo or TV!"
  9. Direct from Orange, including 512MB card! I had one which I sold, but at this price would consider buying another! http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/handset...spv_c550/detail
  10. I'd be tempted by the top one, purely because of the claim to the number of satellites - though in practice I understand you'll never "see" more than something like 8 satellites at a time no matter how many the receiver can handle! One that's not on the page is one I've got - it's the Fortuna Slim, which also uses the SIRF III chipset (it's the successor to the Fortuna Clip-On)...it's nice and small, performs well with TomTom on my MDA Compact and it uses what is essentially a Nokia battery. The other reason I chose it was because it can charge over USB and comes with a cigarette lighter attachment with a USB socket - handy to also charge the MDA Compact in the car! (as it would your C500) I got it when there were basically no other SIRF III receivers out and it still doesn't appear to be available in that many places...it is very good and also small though.
  11. Cheers for that - you wouldn't happen to have a photo of your de-Orangefied M500??!! I'm sure it does work, but it's for my brother's phone (I've got the T-Mob version) and I don't want to tell him to go ahead and it end up ruined!
  12. Yep, sugar cubes also work on the MDA Compact and i-mate Jam, as they have identical casing, but the M500 casing is different...having seen a P900 after a sugar cube's been taken to the Orange logo, I wouldn't take it as a given that it'll work on all cases!!
  13. I found the best software to produce XviDs (playable in Betaplayer) is Smartmovie (of course you could use the Smartmovie player also!). Smartmovie gave the best results for taking the size of videos down to 320x240 resolution...much better than Pocket DivX Encoder. If you have a DVD as a source, you could always try something like AutoGK to convert to XviD / DivX first. I find perfect picture, great audio and full frame rate movies end up between just under 200MB to 250MB...
  14. Has anyone managed to remove the Orange branding on the case of the M500? I know a sugar cube did a great job on the C500 and T-Mob MDA Compact...but the M500 has a different casing to the MDA Compact, so was wondering whether it would scratch it?! If not, any other ideas on how best to remove the logo - and pics if you have any! Cheers!
  15. From requesting on a Saturday 5th (the day I upgraded), I received it on Monday 14th - so much quicker than a month
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