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  1. “HS++ V2.01 ROM 9 June 2011” is so beautiful. But there is no chinese region, so all of the files which include chinese do not show normally. is there any way to resolve it ? Thanks.
  2. Hi ock I flash back to 23129, I think 23129 is perfect, include the scroll bar and arrows, but I got one question in 23129 , when i open sms, in the root of device, there is a automatic created directory which name is ErrorRep, How can i disable it? thanks.
  3. "i900-WM-6.5-23118_M2D PREMIUM MURETOCK" looks nice, Could you please post "i900-WM-6.5-23118_M2D PREMIUM MURETOCK - English Version" to mediafile? 4shared is too slowly.
  4. Hi ock, I found the message program not good for send message. i use your rom like 23563, 23551, i input a few numeric of phone number, the address show some matching numbers. i think that's better.
  5. Hi ock , thanks for you reply, i soft restart and hard restart my phone, and set sort by received, the message problem still exist. i cut the screenshort as below: The message in m2d message tab: The message in inbox:
  6. Thanks ock, There's no assign ip to wifi on setting, i find it under wnidows, name is WIFISetting. I still have a message problem. on m2d message tab, the first message always still old, if the new message coming, you couldn't see it at the first one. in inbox new message not on the first too. the sort not order by date. it's hard to find the lastest message if this already read.
  7. Hi, Ock, I find a problem on m2d's messages, can't show the last message.
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