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  1. I tried pushing Maps.apk back onto the phone, in /system/app. Now I am in a pickle - the apk file is there, but I cannot run Maps (the system does not think it is installed), and I cannot install Maps from the Marketplace. Sigh!
  2. OK, I think I've got Gmail sorted. This is what I did this time: adb shell mount /system adb shell rm /system/app/Gmail.apk adb reboot On rebooting, went to market and installed it - it worked. However, I'm stuck on maps - I tried the same thing: adb shell mount /system adb shell rm /system/app/Maps.apk adb reboot On rebooting, tried to install maps, got "Installation error Unknown reason -8". :-(
  3. That didn't work for me. adb shell mount /system adb shell pull /system/app/Gmail.apk C:\Gmail.apk /sbin/sh: pull: not found Instead, I tried adb shell mount /system adb pull /system/app/Gmail.apk adb reboot However, this did not seem to make a difference to my ability to update Gmail from the marketplace. Then I tried using Titanium Backup to uninstall Gmail. Still couldn't update from the marketplace. Then I tried installing the pulled Gmail.apk to the device, using adb install Gmail.apk 1775 KB/s (1621428 bytes in 0.892s) /bin/sh: pm: not found Then I downloaded the Gmail.apk file as suggested in a later comment to this thread, and pushed it to /system/app. Again, this made no difference. I haven't even started trying to get Maps to update. Could you please repeat the instructions slowly and carefully, for the hard of understanding?
  4. I bought a nice flip-top case for my HTC Desire. But I find the magnetic catch has been scratching the screen (despite a layer of padding I thought adequate). So I now have a blurry, scratched area about 5 mm across. Has anyone any experience of removing scratches from glass screens? I wonder if there is some kind of polish that will do the trick.
  5. Why are Modaco ROMS not listed in ROM Manager (as supplied with the Modaco ROM)?
  6. My phone told me today a system update was available, and I downloaded it. Should I install it? I currently have a custom Modaco ROM (Froyo) installed.
  7. There is a Google maps update on the market but it won't install on my Modaco froyo phone. Something about not being signed correctly. Is this normal, and what should I do?
  8. Thanks, Eddy - I am saving Apps2SD for when I run out of space (having had slightly dodgy experiences with it on the Pulse). I used Titanuim to move a couple of the larger apps to the sd (CoPilot was the biggest). I found moving Flash to SD seemed to make it work slowly, so moved it back. Titanium doesn't offer the option to move QuickOffice (which is quite big, but very useful).
  9. Well, I got it sorted in another thread. I'm very happy with my desire. I find not many of my apps will go to sdcard though. But I still have most installed and haven't run out of memory yet. I can't find some apps in the market though - eg Location Power Saving plugin.
  10. Thanks. Recovery stuck too. Got it sorted in another thread.
  11. Just a final note to say I have unbricked the phone, installed the correct recovery image, rooted it, and installed the latest Modaco ROM. :P Entirely thanks to the extreme helpfulness of EddyOS - respect! Nikki
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