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  1. MoDaCo and MobiCity are giving away a Samsung Galaxy S III! I've entered, have you? #winas3 http://t.co/xaMkCBuv

  2. hi there speedfrog can you send me a mediafire link for this rom "JJ1 6.5 English ROM 05.12" rapidshare hates me for some reason i cannot download anything from it thanks for your hard work
  3. i will try this on my omnia i8000 and tell you the results thanks for your hard work
  4. no problem man i'm sorry too if i said anything bad and thanks for your hard work and your great project this rom is the best so far for me
  5. i know what is writthen also read what i wrote clearly... i asked if i customize the csc provided to include registry keys and files from the arabic csc and then i asked if the csc file can be converted to cab file so that i can install it later anyway thanks for your help and managed to get what i want alone
  6. because it contains the arabic language which is not available in the rom and i saw the csc file from sonblack and it is modified with some registry keys and the arabic csc file contains two much registry keys which i am afraid it may cause some problems in the rom by the way, is there anyway to convert a csc file to a cab file?
  7. hi guys nice rom, looks good just one question: can i use another CSC file? or can i import your csc file setting to my own csc file? thanks
  8. check the driver of the Samsung MITs USB by double clicking on it in the device manager it should be 2003 if it is 2007 it will not work
  9. no not the SBexternal.sbr file cab files are converted to oem package to be cooked in a rom if you make one cab file that will install all the requirements for you JMLtoday then i can convert it to a folder and cook it in a rom
  10. it looks promising can you make an oem folder for cooking it with a rom like in sonblack roms? thank you
  11. hello shark can you please upload gwes.exe.0409.mui from B7610? thank you
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