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  1. Thanks for this Paul. Just got a Tesco Moto G today and wanted to get it back on to stock right from the start. For anyone like me who wants a complete idiots guide from taking the phone out of the box on a Windows 7 (64bit) OS... Download and install the Motorola Device Manager. Download and extract zip from Paul's first post (remember location) With USB cable not connected and phone currently powered off, hold volume down button and then power. You should get a plain text screen with "AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)" as the first option. Connect USB cable again Let ADB drivers install Open a command window by clicking on start menu, typing "cmd" in the search box and clicking on the only option that appears (cmd.exe). Change directory to the location of the extract zip file. For example: "cd C:\Users\User\Downloads\RETAIL-GB_4.3_14.10.0Q3.X-76-LGG-8_cid7_CFC_1FF_svc.xml.modaco.r3\" Type "flash-windows.bat" Once that's finished (should take a couple of minutes) just select "Normal Powerup" from menu by pressing volume up. I hope that's accurate. Feel free to suggest changes if I've remembered the order wrong. I'm no expert but always find these step-by-step guides for us noobs really helpful.
  2. Hello, Sorry if this has already been posted before but my other half has smashed the screen on her san fran and it transpires she was saving all her contacts to the device, rather than on her google account. The phone works but I can't see anything and I doubt the touch screen is working either. I believe I've already got clockworkmod recovery installed on there and I did try to do a backup but I'm not sure how many times I have to press volume down to get to the right option and then I've no idea what I press after that. Does anyone have any ideas how we might be able to get the contacts off? Bit of a long shot I know. Thanks, Will
  3. How can a man of your talents be out of work?! Preposterous. I think I'll be swapping my Pulse for this if smartsim unlocker works so I can use it on o2. I don't support you can test that Paul?
  4. This rom is fantastic! Thanks flibblesan. Much faster and even more stable than the 1.5 one I was running before (I think it was Paul's r1.7 vanilla rom). But I'm really missing contact groups, that's the only issue I have with it. What issues were there with the stock dialer? Is there an alternative that can be installed? I'm not a fan of the T-MO UK dialer but it did seem to work with groups which it never used to on stock 1.5.
  5. I ordered one last night at the higher price but they said it was out of stock. So why reduce the price even more?! I've ordered 2 more but will be calling to cancel original order.
  6. Thanks, I think I might give this a try first and then if I have any problems I'll try and get it unlocked from T-Mobile. I was just wondering about updates. Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but if there are any over-the-air updates to the phone and I'm using my o2 sim I presumably won't receive them. If I put the T-Mobile sim back would I then get the updates? I'm assuming the firmware be updated manually anyway.
  7. I've just bought the T-Mobile Pulse; I was very tempted before and with the price drop plus quidco I had to take the plunge! Since my contract is with o2 I'll need to get it unlocked so this i-smartSIM 2008 is intriguing because it's cheap and am I right in assuming that it doesn't actually do anything to the phone (so warranty wouldn't be void etc). I notice there's plenty of alternatives to the i-smartSIM 2008, so which is the best to go for? All of them seem quite cheap so I'm just wondering if anyone knows which is the best? I've no idea on the matter! Thanks :D
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