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  1. 1. Accelerometer 2. Screen Edge 3. Battery 4. Out side cover reset button, (maybe inside the 3.5mm audio jack hole, the device freezes a lot) 5. Sterio speakers on both sides of the phone. (Off the record) 6. More apps, flash support, 1GHz cpu...
  2. It honestly has...., I have :D 1. Battety issue - 24hrs maxed out without touching the thing. 2. Dailing Tone Issue - The screen black out too quickly (default) 3. Freeze, Freeze and Freeze - The phone whould make a good catch for cop. It freezes a lot... 4. Windows Update Issue - I've never updated anything, ever. It doesn't work. 5. Screen Edges - The debri on my screen edges is enough to hide a rat. That's my X1..... What do you have? :(
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