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  1. Nowsday we spoil with choices. WM7 is not mature yet; Iphone has a wonderfull apps; Android i had no experience. Likely the next choice for me will be iphone.
  2. hi, can some one confirm rapidshare link is working. thank you. i am getting problem to download.
  3. Dear shadow, Feedback on the WM2194 released, the incoming call dont show the caller detail, and also not information can be displayed. thank you for the great rom. rgds,
  4. Thank you for quick response. I dont have any ''cloth'' for naked rom. Will come back other time.
  5. Hi Lancez, What is the interface for this ZHJC2_LITE_0715 WM6.5 A window titanium or not interface at all? Thank you. rgds, follower
  6. Gary, I am using your rom now, I will prefer normal wm interface. And you have fill in the missing gap I looking for. thank you.
  7. speedfrog, Thank you for the quick response. I will try wm6.5.5 1 technical question: Nowsday i will get WINUSB initiaxx problem when using octan v2.14, i have to disconnect and try many many time till it successfully connect for flashing. my os is wndow vista.
  8. Speeedfrog, Have you ever try wm6.5.5 sense? I use wm6.5.5, but no sure how good is sense in wm6.5.5 thank you.
  9. You are right. I got to use the lastest rar software. thank you.
  10. Dear all, I had installed and market place is not working in R2. If anyone not using marketplace, this is great rom.
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