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  1. Aragon85 on xda has coked the offical toshiba update with the newest radio, iasked him to do this as i hate bugs in all the new roms but still wanted the new radio it hasnt got its own topic so you may have missed it hence me posting link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...;postcount=1438 it is brilliant with no bugs as bassically offical rom and the radio is amazing sound in calls is greatly improved and i no longer need srswow installed for low ring volume etc.
  2. its this one here http://www.toshiba-europe.com/mobile/Mobil...T%3d0%3bSEC%3d3 even tho it dont look new or there is no mention of it being an updated version it is a newer build on windows 6.5 then what you will have on your phone.
  3. useyourfist


    new rom almost here
  4. useyourfist

    tg01 toshiba stock rom

    to 2nd post - imei unlock code unlocks any phoine to any network they are phone specific and cost around £10 to get to first post - there is no stock (official) english rom known for english due to the exclusivity to orange (tosh probably have one but not in public circulation) what you see people selling are debranded which wont compltly remove orange stuff from phone. But it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a custom rom soon that will give us some more flexibilty with what we want in our roms. and im sure over at xda that someone managed to flash a debranded enlish rom.
  5. useyourfist

    new rom update from toshiba

    i already seem to have this rom preinstalled on my tg01 by looking at the radio version, i still havepoor quality sound tho so hate to think hat the rest of yours was like before this rom
  6. useyourfist

    srs hd wow

    i installed the 3cab version (attached) and it significantly increases the ring/speaker volume. i couldnt not have tg01 without it and not had one single problem. just install 3cabs in the right order (1,2,3) then turn phone off then on and all will be fine 1.SRS_WOW_HD_1.5.1.0_OMNIA.CAB 2SRS_WOWHD_v1.5.1.0_Fixed.cab 3SRS_WOWHD_v1.5.1.0_BT_Enable.cab
  7. i sent them an email this morning as needed some proof for bbc watchdog (we should all fill out the form) and got this in response so im going to give them till friday as this is the first they have told me about fix. Dear useyourfist Thank you for contacting Toshiba Mobile Communications. Regarding about your enquiry, Toshiba UK is releasing in the end of this week the update to fix the audio quality from your device. This software will be available in the Toshiba Web site. Please do not hesitate to contact us again for further assistance and use the reference number found in the subject field for all enquiries. Best Regards, Richard Genovezzi Toshiba Mobile Communications,
  8. useyourfist

    WM6.5.3 seen on TG01

    just need new radio in cooked rom and has the possability to be better as srswow shows speaker and mic volume can be improved.
  9. useyourfist

    WM6.5.3 seen on TG01

    they are good for the £149 but i got mine on a two year contract about 3 months beforwe the price cut <_< neway custom rom is not far off so all probs should hopefully be fixed soon
  10. at above thats cool when did they put it in writing (link if poss) i must have missed that hopefully not more of there lies
  11. i will do over the weekend and everyone else please take the time to even if it just makes them give us 6.5.3 also i would suggest when you have a few mails to ring the sun they love thing like this.
  12. useyourfist

    WM6.5.3 seen on TG01

    it was the newest release at the time so cant fault them on that but we should really get the new update but as i said they are just lazy/rubbish i would advise ppl to just avoid them from now however tempting there products may seem.
  13. useyourfist

    WM6.5.3 seen on TG01

    Toshiba say there is no plans to bring 6.5.3 to tgo1 and is probably only on show phones to make there stuff look better tosh are horrible to customers unfortuanetly, BUT hopefully it looks like some progress is being made with custom roms so with any luck we may get it in an unofficial way
  14. useyourfist

    Touchscreen issue on TG01

    just tried notes on mine and did loads of lines with my finger maybe about 1 in 10 went wrong so yours really needs to go back, dose it happen when u use a stylus as it could be to do with point of contact from you finger but i would say probably the phone has a bug, and yes AVOID ORANGE AT ALL COSTS im stuck on contract but never again once it ends.
  15. useyourfist

    TG02 £599.99 PRE-ORDER NOW ? ? ?

    Too many problems with tg01 to consider buying any toshiba device from now on as they have exteremly poor aftersales care they get your cash then ignor any problems i advise everyone to send a strong message to tosh by not buying anyhting from them until they sort themselves out

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