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  1. what about this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lux-Leather-Samsung-...#ht_3665wt_1139
  2. is wi-fi working?i didn't read the topic 4 a while :D
  3. very great job..if there would be a way to remap keys,maybe via some android app..it would be nice!cause i can not find back button in my own and without this mine is unuseable
  4. if u took off the cable while updating eboot the phone is bricked,otherwise just redo the flash process again and wait until octans says ok even if the phone is booted
  5. si lo so ma anche tenendo premuto nn compare la lista delle lettere xò premendo dove dovrebbero essere vengono inserite..in pratica c'è ma è invisibile..probabilmente un bug della tastiera..hai tempo di controllare?
  6. ciao sto provando la tua rom metro..ottima!solo una cosa,si puo far si che gli elementi di titanium e del menu start linkino ad applicazioni di 3 parti? p.s.la tastiera nn permette l'inserimento di lettere accentate ecc..come si fa?
  7. have a look at this www.pda-poker-art.com/
  8. i think is strange that a new csc comes out with a so old rom and phone part..
  9. well a lot of people says wm6.5 is slower than 6.1,however if u search for the official je2 rom,if i remember well it should be for india edit:here u are http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...610-newest-rom/
  10. yeah it is,but all ffff,how to know my mac address to insert?
  11. hi everybody, i have a big issue,from a few days i'm not able to connect to noone wireless network anymore,it is a phone problem because with the laptop i'm able to connect to my home wireless network,but with the phone i enable the wi-fi,i see the network but i can't establish a connection,and it stopped to work from a day to another so it isn't a setting problem,what could it be?
  12. for the hw keyb problem try daskalos 23144 wm6.5.3 rom,for me it's very fast,the other problem i don't know,maybe you disable x9t or simply the word is too long that x9t can display only 1 word per time and you have to scroll the suggestion bar to see the others
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