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  1. won't work...i installed fix and samsung settings but not recognized..why?
  2. ok now i have il2 installed on an xp pc,is enough to install the rom and the fix cab to be recognized?or do i need to install something else?
  3. i have 1.25 because the il2 version won't work in w7 :-(
  4. @ daskalos how cai i make NPS recognize the phone with this rom installed?because it says "unknown device connected"
  5. is there some way to make NPS recognize the phone?? cause it says "unknown model connected"
  6. does the samsung new pc studio recognize the phone with this rom installed? i need this to recover some files on an old backup
  7. there is a simple walkthrought on how to flash in w7 some posts under this,follow that ad u can't be wrong
  8. is it possible to set other languages in x9t than english?
  9. can you put a link for adobe flash,autoclose fix and SDK? However it still freeze even connecting with samsung nps open
  10. on the new build please check activesync connection because on this build my phone freeze when trying to connect to pc
  11. can you create this rom in other languages?or is too difficult?thanks however
  12. Hi all I have a problem,i made a backup of my phone,my storage included,and now i can't restore it because the NPS gives me an error message like "not enough free memory",now i'm asking i9f there's something i can do to recover the content of the backup,like open it with some program or some strange way to restore it,the backup file extension is .wbu made with NPS Help please!!tnx
  13. try to set the compatibility of octans to win XP sp3,it worked 4 me
  14. anyone who has tried the last rom,phone and csc provided by secany and can tell us how it works,if there's any bugs and everything else?thanks
  15. so can i flash only csc?what changes with this csc?
  16. to flash this new csc is necessary to flash again the rom?or is possible to flash only csc?
  17. can someone upload the rom on another file sharing site?because rapid won't let me download the files saying too many users are downloading,tnx
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