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  1. As you may be aware, Teknologist was not in a position to continue his work on his great Teknologist kernel for the Hero. So I kindly overtook the job and have built one 2.6.29 "Teknologist" kernel. I believe I've put all the options that were in his former kernel releases, I just had to take cifs out as a module as the resulting boot.img was too big and failed to flash. I also made this kernel overclockable up to 691 Mhz which has proven to be safe on most of the devices. Just use SetCpu or OverClock widget for that purpose. Compcache is disabled by default as it has proven to slow down our devices on the long term. The update zip file is to be applied on top of Android 2.1 based MoDaCo Custom ROM r5: 2.6.29-mck-teknologist-2.0b-mcr-signed.zip In the case you'd like to revert back to the stock r5 kernel, here you go: 2.6.29-mcr_2.1_r5-signed.zip
  2. Here: http://www.villainrom.co.uk/kendon/stuff/v...obfs-signed.zip
  3. That one is scarry... I would suggest some required folders do not exist on your Milestone ROM. Maybe try 'mkdir -p /data/local/opkg/lib/opkg/info' and try installing again ? Please all... bear in mind that all this stuff has been designed for Hero Modaco Custom ROM. Although it can be used on other ROMs and devices, this may then require some tweaks to get everything runing as expected. What I strongly advice to get the opkg stuff working is to use the opkg Android application (see that post) that *should* install opkg cleanly on most of the ROMs (well, I hope so)
  4. I've corrected the URL in previous post, should be OK now. But this link is for my busybox 1.16.0 where as Paul did ship my busybox 1.15.3. I've have also checked that the busybox that Paul did include in MCR3.2 works ok (MD5:ef6ecb644aec804997177de8cd635d85) ... so your issue might be with your /etc/resolv.conf
  5. This is strange then... Make sure you have the right busybox (should be then same as this one: http://freeasabeer.byethost33.com/android/busybox.zip) and that your /etc/resolv.conf is a symlink to /data/local/resolv.conf and that the latter is valid.
  6. @pitel: On which ROM are you trying to install mc ? All the install scripts of the ipk have been designed to actually remount /system read/write before proceeding to the installation, so you shouldn't have to remount /system manually before. @fubaya: you need 2 things 1) a valid /etc/resolv.conf Let say something like: domain lan search lan nameserver nameserver 2) a busybox that is linked against libresolv.so .... and I do not know if this is the case of cyanogen's busybox! I know for sure that cyanogen has now switched to a native android busybox port (i.e. one that is dynamically linked against bionic (the android native C library)). So, once you have put a valid resolv.conf on your system, if wget still doesn't work, then your busybox is faulty.
  7. Yeah, it was 5.1.. Until nprussell does add /data/xbin into the PATH definition, you'll still have the "not found" issue. But if you call opkg explicitely (e.g. /data/xbin/opkg) it should work as expected (at least it did on my phone yesterday).
  8. I've finally installed Villain 5.2 on my Hero to be able to debug the whole thing myself! 1) it appears that V(an)illain ROMs should be considered as Modaco like ROMs and not as Cyanogen like ROMs from an ipk point of view. So I have added V(an)illain as a new option. 2) I have an updated boostrap (v 1.2) bootstrap_1.2.zip that really works on my phone with a Villain ROM. (It was already working with MCR 3.2).
  9. @Andcr: thanks for the feedback... and as a result an updated version that should fix the Parent directory of file is not writable: /data/local/opkg.conf issue. bootstrap.zip
  10. if there are brave enough people to test the babe... here it is bootstrap.zip ! The apk is inside the zip file, so just unzip and install with adb install bootstrap.apk Then I hope it should be straithforward.... (just don't forget to have an internet connection ON before starting the bootstrap)!
  11. Excellent ! Your painfull attempt to get opkg properly working on your rom led me to start developping a very basic (and very ugly as well) android application that will do all the boostrap and initial egg & chicken stuff for you... Stay tuned, it should arrive soon here...
  12. I don't really like that one. Busybox update might have actually failed. Downloaded files are corrupted. Can you try to revert the previous opkg.conf changes (e.g. revert to the former URL instead of the hard coded IP address) ? No idea about that one ! If you really want to reinstall, then use the --force-reinstall option.
  13. It was worth trying... Download the busybox ipk (cyanogen variant): http://freeasabeer.byethost33.com/android/....16.0-2_arm.ipk on your sdcard and install it from there. So you'll get the egg for the chicken :P
  14. Oh dear... the egg and chicken story then... you definitively need my version of busybox + a valid /etc/resolv.conf file ! Meanwhile, can you try try edit the opkg.conf file and replace all instances of freeasabeer.byethost33.com by ?
  15. # /data/xbin/opkg install /sdcard/opkg_0.1.7+svn519-2_arm.ipk Collected errors: * opkg_conf_init: Couldn't stat /data/local/opkg.conf: No such file or directory. This warning can be safely ignored. # /data/xbin/opkg install /sdcard/opkg_0.1.7+svn519-2_arm.ipk Installing opkg (0.1.7+svn519-2) to root... Existing conffile /data/local/opkg.conf is different from the conffile in the new package. The new conffile will be placed at /data/local/opkg.conf-opkg. Configuring opkg. Everything's ok here. # opkg update opkg: not found # su # opkg update opkg: not found This means that /data/xbin is not in the PATH. So, either update Villain's ROM /init.rc to add /data/xbin in the PATH definition (this one is tricky as you need to unpack the update zip file, then unpack the boot.img, edit init.rc, then repack boot.img, repack the update zip and finally resign it before flashing the whole thing). Or remember to type export PATH=/data/xbin:$PATH every time you start a shell session.... Unless we can use a .profile file somewhere (well where ash believe the HOME directory is, and this might be again different between MCR and Villain). I think you should use the cyanogen feed + the common feed. Definitively not the mcr feed.
  16. Villain ROM does not include terminfo stuff. Please install the terminfo package, I will update the nano package tonight to add this dependency to terminfo.
  17. I don't have this issue... I suspect it's once again an issue with your 2.1 rom which not well designed :) Can it be that /init.rc lacks the TERMINFO definition ? If this is the case, then please add the following line: export TERMINFO /system/etc/terminfo at the begining of /init.rc along with the other "export foo" lines. You will need to tweak your custom rom to achieve this.... As an alternative you can also write a wrapper script to start nano that will export TERMINFO before launching nano.
  18. Done! nano 2.2.3 packaged. opkg update opkg install nano and tell me how things goes (I haven't tested the build....)
  19. It's not there because it is already included in Paul's MCR ! Nevertheless I can make a ipk for nano so that people that do not have nano already included in their custom rom can easily add it.
  20. Yes most probably. The resolv things get installed with the busysbox ipk. Which MCR relase are you running ? My understanding was that Paul did include the right busybox with the resolv things in the official MCR 3.2. I will check then what Paul did really include (I still do run my own customized 3.2b5...) EDIT: I've checked the official MCR 3.2 (the full update.zip) and it does include the resolv trick.
  21. I have checked everything is ok on the server side. So it must be your download that gets corrupted at some point. Do you have enough free space on the /data partition ?
  22. I've checked mc ipk on the server and its md5 hash is correct (e945354d5bcb75f43675c5734f36871d), so I suspect you just got a corrupted downmoad. Could you try again the following sequence: opkg update opkg install mc
  23. Please, please, please, use opkg as the first post clearly tells you to do. By the way I have cleaned up the first post to remove all the old download links that are obviously dead links now.
  24. TARGET_NO_RADIOIMAGE=true make otapackage
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