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  1. Does anyone have an flashable advanced power menu APM zip for the 1.84 based? TIA! -mix
  2. "Pulse Notification Light" is enabled Thanks!
  3. I am using 4.0.4 custom baked and cannot get track ball alert pro to capture notifications. It will test the lamp color properly but not display on notification. Do I need to patch ? I tried to patch and went into a boot loop. Thanks!
  4. I think it is crazy that people feel they have to justify what rom they want to run on their device, and even crazier that people should pop into the this forum and say "yer rom is crap, mine is better cause I say so!" WTF. If you don't like the desire port, stay away! The people running desire on their nexus obviously have reasons for doing so, exchange support, social media integration, interface, familiarity, whatever... it doesn't matter. I hope Paul keeps it up, I like the choice and I just switched from the latest froyo to desire for the fun of experiencing the phone in a different way. Paul, please add the APN list from froyo kitchen to the desire port. Thanks, -mix
  5. Romraid is slowwwww today. 15-20k 1-2hour download of my rom. EDIT: Just dropped under 5k and died. tried to re-d/l and 4hr 58min... -mix
  6. my bad, I thought 3.2 was built on a 2.x rom. That would explain why my unlock screen didn't work either. Thanks, -mix
  7. I don't seem to be able to push files into this rom? Since I can't find goggles in the market, I pushed it to system/app as usual after remounting and nothing. I can see it with the correct permissions, but it doesn't show up. Any ideas? Thanks, -mix
  8. Contact sync is on the phone, and works fine for me. I use the post below CorCAL and widget. The widget works well to display calendar events. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=65 -mix
  9. This works great, I use it daily. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=613404 -mix
  10. Same here, do you know which widgets are supposed to be included? Clock? SMS? Mail? Weather? Calendar? I find it hard to give up my clock with location, beautiful widgets works, but I was hoping for a sense version of this rom but I am sure Paul only has so much time to work on it. Thanks! -mix
  11. Does anyone know how to get the "accept all certificates check box" from the nexus one rom on Paul's 3.1? I am guessing it is part of the full mail application on the nexus one, which unfortunately doesn't support the exchange calendar, but I can work around that.
  12. did you try google voicesearch? doesn't show up on the keyboard but really works well when searching or nav. http://htcpedia.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33628#post33628
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