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  1. OK - when rebooting after the formatting screen it started up ok and went through the usual wifi setup etc. Looks fine so far! Thanks for your help.
  2. Removed the sd card and rebooted. Same thing - htc screen rolling over and over. Did a wipe and reflashed. Now back to formating the cache. Need the phone - will have to abort soon.
  3. Hi How long is a long time to first boot the Hero update r5? After waiting 3 hours for it to format the cache I gave up and rebooted. Now 2 hours and the phone is still booting with the screen reflashing the boot screen "htc quietly brilliant" every 45 secs How long is long?
  4. Since updating to MCR 3.2 I cannot download or update apps from the market. the apps stay on "starting download" and the download never happens. Anyone else with this problem? Icedancer
  5. Sorted - Activesync thinks the keylock is a password. Bye
  6. Hi - I had a major problem with XP a while ago resulting in a complete reinstall of XP. It then told me that a new version of Activesync was available. It was downloaded and installed. It works fine with my iPaq 2200. With my C500 however it now requires a password. I have never used a password with the C500. OCS were completely useless. The best they could come up with was "do a hard reset". Anyone had this problem? Anyone have a better solution than a hard reset? Icedancer
  7. No - the c500 does not have a full bluetooth stack. You need to use a third party apt such as Smart Explorer. Have fun. Tony
  8. I have two phones and been with Orange about 10 years but have been increasingly disillusioned by decreasing service standards and increasing costs. Decided last month that I would change from my old 200min per phone to a bussiness tariff - bad mistake. Several bad conversations with OCS and I still don't know what I have been sold, but it is not what I bought. Today decided that I have had enough and phoned disconnections. They told me that at £70 to £100 per month that I am a very occassional user and were not bothered if I left. No upgrade of any sort let alone an M500! I was a bit miffed at this and put the phone down. My contract runs out on 18 September. Now it's time to get the code. Sod Orange
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