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  1. PiterLabi

    SlideIT for Android

  2. PiterLabi

    SlideIT new version

    Dasur released a new version of SlideIT for windows Mobile ( it doesent just look good, it FRIKING AWESOOOOME I love also the shortcuts, you type “afk” and it types “away from keyboard”, its ROCKS ! It speeds up the typing a loooooooot what do guys think ?
  3. What about SlideIT isn't it a good replace for Swype ? on the market.....
  4. I have been testing ShapeWriter and generally like it, but I prefer Slideit. The tap mode is more flexible and I like the graffiti portion. The intuitive is easier to modify and affect. I tried Swype, but it seemed slower and not as responsive as SlideIT. And there is one major factor that I have noticed with both Swype and SlideIT It's the memory usage. Swype 9.19 MB SlideIT 1.85 MB
  5. PiterLabi

    SlideIT on the Android market

    Yes, Dasur released the Android version of SlideIT on the Android Market !!!
  6. PiterLabi

    swype on Nexus One

    SlideIT for Android will be available soon see this video: SlideIT site
  7. PiterLabi

    SlideIT for Android

    Now SlideIT, the new keyboard with the sliding concept, is on Android ! Do you know were can I download it ? SlideIT official site
  8. Another good keyboard if you prefer sliding instead of typing is SlideIT by Dasur. It does a great job. You can slide really fast with it. It also supports many languages. You can view their homepage http://www.mobiletextinput.com/Product/SlideIT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWPJY0oFYUc
  9. PiterLabi

    Storm's ROM - Version 13.1

    It is more than 2 years that a similar keyboard called SlideIT is already available for download. http://mobiletextinput.com/ ;)
  10. SlideIT has already 14 language packs : Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. The keyboard is provided with primary and secondary languages, and the user can switch between them at any time You can download it here: SlideIT - Multilanguage
  11. PiterLabi

    SlideIT versus Swype

    Slideing is the new method of input text into our touch screen devices !!! This is for sure amazing! try SlideIT now. free DEMO for all Windows Mobile versions. mobiletextinput.com/Product/SlideIT/WindowsMobile/Demo.php
  12. SlideIT is the only keyboard that already working on Symbian OS! except Windows Mobile that work more than 2 years! Android, iPhone, and Windows Tablet PC will be available soon for download so.... Don't type it, just SlideIT! SlideIT Website
  13. PiterLabi

    anyone heard of SLIDE IT ?

    Amazing !!! Thanks a lot. This is the best application ever seen. Work on 5800 xm last firmware. you can make a choice between nokia or skide it keyboard when you want. You say demo but it seems to be full. Tested with SMS

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