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  1. Hi,here my Omnia i900 with my skin:Spb Mobile shell 3.5.5 GlassStorm http://imageshack.us/a/img62/9114/glassstorm.jpg
  2. Skin Neomix Dark 5 Glass Sensation 2 Wvga & Wqvga Portrait & Landscape Unpack the zip and choise your resolution and replace the files in Neomidark Chacry69 NMD5 GSv2.rar
  3. Neomixdark3 modded by me,Chacry69: http://www.modaco.com/content/windows-phon...5-3-and-higher/
  4. Neomix3 Blue2 Landscape mode,replace the plg files in neomixdark3 Neomix3_blue2_Landscape_plg.rar
  5. Only enlarge the png file at double and install neomix dark 3 WVGA
  6. Neomix3 Blue2 WQVGA released: Enjoy :unsure: Neomix3_Blue2.rar bronzeres.dll.rar
  7. Neomix3 blue essential analog clock update,this one be appropriate for this blue mod.... analog.rar
  8. Thanks to all for this wonderfull skin,i mod it in blue: I call it NEOMIX3 blue essential Neomix3_blue_essential_clocks.rar Neomix3_blue_essential_icon.rar Neomix3_blue_essential_plgFiles.rar
  9. Hi master lie,i share my mod on xda....thanks thanks http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...25#post13288125 excuse me but one of the 2 files was to big to share it here
  10. Hi Master lie,how are you?You can't give me an answer about the notification panel? I try to modify the plg files about the analog clock & analog + digital clock,much more clear..that's my opinion here is the results:if you want it,ask me i'll give it to you....thanks for reply
  11. Thanks Master lie,G Alarm work now... For the notifications panel,what can i do or change or checking to make it work????????? Thanks for reply and help me for this wonderfull skin..... It's not possible that this panel work for you in your device whit my rom and not work for me in a clear divice!!!!!!
  12. New skin neomix dark 3,revisited by me:enjoy :) Thaks to master_lie and bol422 and Dimka BC for this wonderfull skin :)
  13. Hi Master lie,your skin work good,thakx....beutiful work I have 3 questions for you: 1:Is there any chance to have the ccom icons whit the signal status and alarm under the analog skin and analog + digital skin?I think it look better.. 2:I have Galarm as default alarm program but wheh i go on the quick menu and tap to set the alarm,it go back to the windows alarm setting and not to Galarm 3:How work the notifications panel to view sms calls & email,because when i tap on the pop up to see anithyng,don't work.Do you have this problem to? Thanks for reply.....I do a hard reset before installing the skin
  14. Hi master lie,is there any problem to customize my i900 with your skin??
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