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  1. Here you go http://downloads.unrevoked.com/HTCDriver3.0.0.007.exe
  2. Just to add, it didn't have any O2 branding at all, and it was already unlocked.
  3. received my desire S today.. this is waaaaaaaayyyyy better than the SF. Better screen, faster, more memory, very smooth... only negative is that it is a bit heavier than my SF.. but so far I am really really happy :mellow:
  4. will this create an exodus similar to pulse --> SF ? ( I was among the early ones...) Just ordered the desire S today.. so lets see :)
  5. the xda seems to have more content that the modaco on this one.
  6. Just ordered..the Desire S. will arrive tomorrow. Should be a good replacement for my SF.
  7. Awesome work Paul !! on another note there seem to be many "Wi-fi fixes" in a lot of releases. Can't believe wi-fi was so f**d up ;)
  8. I was just kidding :( We have loads of great developers for the blade now... Just keep hitting refresh..
  9. android commander is windows specific and doesn't work on mac or linux. So it is better to stick with either ADB or adb wireless which works everywhere and is quite handy. tbh.
  10. This is really going to piss Paul off.. But just on a curious note, which options have been selected while baking this ROM ?
  11. If somebody can try this, it can be a solution to the skype speakerphone issue as well
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