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  1. It's Paul's Froyo, 2.2 And the theme is by Frankish, gingerbread, but i've edited some of the PNG's to make it more green on the signal bars, alarm, silent, GPS and bluetooth icons :)
  2. Mine look square and it's definitely an OLED so..
  3. Great another spoon into the mixer, ZTE or Orange are brilliant
  4. Just realised paul has said if you theme his froyo you might loose coarse location, are you using his lastest alpha 4 files for theming?
  5. Cool thanks man, no worries on the time it took, i'm just grateful you did it... I've PM'd you about a gingerbread theme with a circle battery as well if you could? ;)
  6. My girlfriends phone which is on bladevillian also suffers from this, says no skins are installed
  7. Stick it up in a post requesting it so? If not at least specify which version it needs, well both really ;)
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