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  1. Thanks! :huh: Im trying to send an text message but it rings for about 1 sec in the phone im texting too. No SMS message! :S
  2. I want to do this too. WTF were Samsung thinking when adding that damn slow sh*t...
  3. Ive heard something about a HARD-SPL, do I have to do that?
  4. Im downloading now. What happens if something goes wrong :S ?
  5. But how can I like take pictures with the front camera?
  6. Hi, how do I use the front camera on my Omnia Lite?
  7. When I do that (with resco explorer 08) it saus "access denied" ;) Ive got a Omnia Lite, what resolution does it have?
  8. Thanks ;) EDIT: Hmm, it doesnt work for me :S My slider is still at the top...
  9. Hey how did u get ur "slider" to the bottom of the screen? Mine is on the top :S
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