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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but.... I'm wanting to get a Android tab for christmas but am a bit short on budget. What are people's thoughts on the best tab I can get in the £150-180 kinda range. Am thinking I want dual core, capacitive touch and the ablility to root/custom rom with full android market. What are people's thoughts? Seems to be a lot out there so wanted to see if people have used these devices and have real world thoughts. Thanks
  2. What about adding another keyboard to the kitchen? Swype or similar?
  3. Installed and running the stock rom atm, will keep an eye on how this progresses as I'm sure I'll be moving over soon! Good work! Thanks
  4. I followed the guide to root my new vodafone branded legend, now I'm running root 1.31 rom. On the phone I got a notice saying there was an update availiable (assume HTC OTA update?) Do I want to update? Cheers
  5. I'm rooted on the 1.31 rom... I got an OTA update on the phone pop up.... do I want to do this? Cheers
  6. Well... I followed the guide on my Vodafone branded phone as above and it seems to have worked fine... hope that a decent 2.2 rom comes along soon! Oh... I got a message on my phone saying there was an update availiable OTA... should I update??
  7. Well if I go into Settings --> About Phone --> Software Information Firmware version 2.1 Baseband version Kernel version 2.6.29-9a3026a7 [email protected] #1 The Build Number is CL139791 release-keys The Software Number is When I go to the Recovery menu I have HBOOT-0.43.0001 I've already created a Goldcard (had to use mms0 on mine) so was going to go ahead with the rest of the guide... should I be ok? Don't want to brick my phone before I've even used it! Cheers
  8. I'm slightly confused... I've just got a vodafone branded legend... HBOOT is 43.00001 Will this guide work for me? I assume once I complete this I can then install MCR on it? Thanks
  9. Jeez.... some people want everything, buy a desire if your that bothered ;) I'm sure he'll get round to it if he's mentioned it on Twitter recently. I only just got my Legend and am hoping I can get it rooted and custom rom installed over the weekend. Be nice if there was a little more movement on the Legend... think the Hero and Desire are just more popular phones and easier to work with. Hopefully someone will do a good stable 2.2 in the not too distant future.
  10. I've just bought an unlocked Hero and set it up on Voda contract today.... can send twitter updates but cannot pull any down in Peep... also can connect to facebook but it doesn't seem to be syncing pictures at all?
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