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  1. and for ppl who complained about battery life,it may not be a good sign at all In my case,old battery, which gradually lost all capacity,dropped by 40-50% over night. When i later try with the new 1,its just about 20%
  2. Sorry for quoting myself But I'm looking at the screen lock setting and found it's suspicious for both timeout and turned off delay BEFORE: 5s In trial: Immediately Reason: the 5sec delay keeps the phone "in use" Will update in coming days
  3. i hv my original battery killed for this As i pointed to dev,proximity sensor has problem (not sure it it's related to no auto-brightness as well) before going to sleep,if u turn over the phone or cover the sensor,theres great chance of SOD And by SOD, it's not really no activity behind. Instead, it's been ultra active that heat up your battery very much, until all its acid being killed When it goes sleep, I'd now would hold it in my hand for few seconds, before putting backing to my pocket
  4. Andy, relax. To let that kind of people to go, simply to ignore him, let his post drown Or maybe even omitting the offensive words by time you quote In fact, I can almost smell his reason for such a strong push of bootlogo editing - stealing credit from the dev team and showing off at the Chinese sites. Not far he can go without much knowledge in code compiling
  5. and definitely his question is beyond the beta's focus,even worse than those noob installation question,do no gd to anyone but himself Selfish
  6. can we stop discussing installation issue here? a new thread had been started specifically for that
  7. Hi Voyteckst, no camera I still can barely live with, only real "problem" I encounter once every few days, the phone would be "SOD" or reboot occasionally. And some times, the reboot would be an infinity loop, need to soft reset this tends to happen more often if I'm connecting it for charge or USB ADD ON:i had a feeling proximity sensor could be further improve.when i still hv whatsapp running,i turned the phone over (and sensor covered of coz),then it halted Also, auto brightness is not working in my cell.in wm,I've set tog auto af working w/o issue
  8. 1) not ever since B3, u can check the change log 2) the only possibility is u're having a class 4 card or below. also, there had been proved by someone else
  9. ur problem is not getting the right partition code, check post 1 again
  10. it's OK for you to put down any language UNLESS you have also the English ver. here (a stupid web translation would still be a good try). That's the respect other members deserved by having a fair chance to communicate It's b**l s**t if noone can understand what you're trying to say
  11. My exp,setcpu is unnecessary in this b1.in fact, it seems to coz instability (sod kind) I'm now trying on autokiller memory optimizer instead, hoping for better memory mgmt, becoz when checking the memory from time to time (cmd "free" in emulator), used memory seems to piled up to until 20mb or less as free
  12. rudeness will not invite help but hate mind your lips, pal in fact, there had been a resource of bootlogo edit pointed out 50-60 page before don't ask, just google
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