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  1. Hi, sorry mate, but I think that it's not possible. The reason? if you download the rom you will see that the default size of the system partition is bigger than our partition.
  2. It makes flash your screen too?? :S It doesn't happend with me, I will watch this trouble! Thanks for this warning!
  3. Hello, I want to share with you a little program that I found and it's really interesting for our phone. The first think that I miss of this phone was a led or somekind of event indicator. Well this app works really well and can have many configurations. Just try it! and tell me what do you think. :D Missed Message Flasher Free
  4. Hi, I write to ask if anyone with this versions have reboots, and sometimes when try to answer a call the system reboots too. Have anyone the same problem? I tried to change the OC to 695 without results. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  5. Tom G, please, can you add this tweak? :D Works better than "Lock home in memory" of Performance Cyanogen menu. I test it, for a week, and the phone doesn't have any force close or home killed. :P Thanks!
  6. Yes, the 6 sd class is the minium for use Dalvik Cache on the SD. I has some troubles too and I'm testing a new configuration. I'm looking for one that doesn't dry my battery fast and workes smooth, and I think that I'm close to get it. Now my conf: - Dalvik into the memory phone (my SD is class 4 B) ) - SWAP - 256M. - Comcache Disabled, - Jit Disabled (and it's really smooth with 2.2). - No OC Kernel, default freq is enought. - And Launcher Pro as default launcher. Good luck!
  7. This is easy, "Settings" -> "Call Settings" -> Uncheck "Vibrate on answer". It's really intuitive the Android OS. or logical.
  8. The GPS works fine work for me, maybe a little bit slowly to sync sometimes. But works without compcache. :S
  9. Hi, I have some weird trouble. Sometimes I detect that the phones drains battery quickly (in two hours I can lost more than 40%) and I don't know why, when this happends I can't enable or disable Wifi, GPS or change 2G/3G (the power control of notification bar change, but into Settings I can read, for exemple, in Wifi connection "Turnning off...". I installed Advanced Task Manager, but I didn't see any application that can affect this. My phone configuration is really low power (no overclocked CPU Freq., comcache off, Wifi off, Bluetooth off, GPS off, brightness low). Any one have the same problem? or know how to resolve it?! :rolleyes: Thanks!!
  10. Poor try! but is great the mods of XDA (thanks jamielockeymusic) :huh: Now I love more Android OS!! :rolleyes:
  11. Hey Ogiogi, how do you change the widget themes of LauncherPro? :rolleyes: tell me!! looks great!!
  12. All this values are fine, then it is possible that you have some application that drains your battery. Seek in "Settings->About Phone->Battery Use" and tell us the first one that will appear. :rolleyes:
  13. If I remmember well all the overclocked kernels that I test put the kernel on performance profile, this means that the CPU works a lot of time at 100% (or 691). Try to install SetCPU and tell us if the profile is Performance or Ondemand.
  14. Yes this is true, but a some people start to adapt all the HDPI theme to MDPI. Maybe the currently users of mdpi devices can have too MIUI! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=794871
  15. What is this widget in the second picture? is awesome! :)
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