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  1. Does it do this when in airplane mode? what network are you on? I get the same kind of thing and have assumed it's down to the t-mobile / orqange merge due to them messing about with their network. I'm trying a giff gaff sim for a while now to see if the same problem occurrs. I switched off tmobile to orange roaming and it seems a bit better but not totally fixed.
  2. well it has rebooted once, maybe twice (though the 2nd could have been lack of battery power) but seems much better, the once was probably in a low signal area so it may still be better than when orange enabled since it's spending less time switching between the 2 networks.
  3. sill having loads of problems with my phone so I tried the orange sim that came with it for a while, no issues. I've now texted STOP to 2121 to disable roaming onto orange so will see how that goes! Update: Uptime 7.5 hours and still going, first time in a while! *touches wood*
  4. great, not just me then! After I gave up on the indian robot I twittered tmobile and they said there were no issues where I reported, guess they don't know whats going on with their network. I guess I'm noticing more because I have a PIN on my SIM so I can tell when it's rebooted because it won't reconnect until I enter the PIN. :( at this rate I'll be running my credit down and switching to giff gaff
  5. Anyone else having problems with tmobile roaming onto orange a lot recently? my skate seems to spend more time on orange now than its home network of tmobile, cooincidently it seems to be rebooting itself a lot recently which i assume is due to signal issues. I'm running the Brightpoint rom, pretty much unchanged. Thinking of trying atomic etc when I get chance. I rang t-mobile to request a new sim in case it's just an issue with my old one but the robot in india told me that wouldn't fix anything and they would want to charge for it, i've had issues fixed before with new sims.
  6. It's probably just picking up that the su binary is on there by default, it doesn't have the correct file attribute to make it work though so not an issue.
  7. Please let us know how it goes with the nilkin, i've held off ordering from china in the hope a decent one would be available in the uk.
  8. Anyone found a decent case yet, I've now had the Hard mesh (ok but doesn't cover enough and doesn't bounce), the Black S line (rubbish fit and feels realy cheap) and the Sikai black rubber (just doesn't feel right, quite chunky and the rubber is very soft/floppy along the screen). For my blade I had the nillkin gel case but nobody seems to do them for the skate.
  9. I believe it's built into android since 2.2
  10. I hope that's a better s-curve case that the one I got which obscures some of the ports and is generally cheap and nasty
  11. If you can get into FTM mode you may be able to use the ZTE online update tool
  12. I don't think you can lock it again, just use the ZTE orange tpt to put the stock rom back on and keep your fingers crossed they don't spot that it's unlocked.
  13. Is your sim in correctly? I accidently put mine in the wrong way round at one point and rather than saying such it seemed to think there was a sim but that it had issues. Failing that I guess you could retry the unlock flash or a different rom.
  14. I bought one of the hard mesh cases and also the Black S line case from the same supplier on Ebay. The hard mesh case fits nicely and looks great however it won't bounce and doesn't cover all exposed bits so I decided on a Gel case instead. The S gel case is pretty poor in comparison to the mesh, a lot of the ports are obscured and will require the plastic cutting., in general it feels more like a cheap toy with this cover on. I'm undecided whether or not to send the Gel case back and wait for a decent one to be available. No problems with the ebay supplier though.
  15. Easiest way is to install one of the TPTs here http://android.modac...zte-skate-tpts/ (probably option 2) and then once you reboot select your CM zip from the sd card and away you go
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