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  1. I think that "3G" is just a shorthand for 2G/3G data connection. I've tested it myself and 2G (EDGE) also works, but seems bit slower than under WM, or maybe it's just my impresion, because adroid needs more bandwith to work.
  2. Yes, you can. There is a small issue, cause a plastic part of 3,5mm jack is to big and doesn't fit into recessed part around headphone plug, but if you plug it firmly it should be ok. It works for me.
  3. Yes, it should work well. But why to use harder way if I've shown you how to do it easier? Using samsung settings you don't need PC, cable, Octans, just phone, but it's all up to you :lol:
  4. Try ModDriver, or maybe change a ROM (could cause problem in case of warranty). On the latest Daskalos ROM (Daskalos B7610 6.5.3 ROM Build 23135 Megalite - didn't test Full) my GPS is very fast and has excellent signal reception. Without any driver or reg fix time to full GPS fix is about 1 minute or less.
  5. Try this link http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/GPS/GPS-Mod-Driver-85195.shtml Definetly outside, open sky very welcome. And leave the phone somewhere, holding it in palm weakens signal a bit. I think all depends on ROM version. What ROM version are you using now?
  6. You were asking about Daskalos ROM, so my answer was related to the question. But if you want to use other ROMs you could treat Daskalos ROM in my post as an example. In my opinion ROMs made by Daskalos are reliable and stable so it is quite safe to use them even for a beginners. As I mentioned before you don't need any backup, because copy of your current genuine ROM will remain on hidden partition in device. There is only one condition - you have to use new ROM in .nb (.nb0) format, not in .mst. Cause all (or almost all) custom ROMs come as nb file, you are safe. Only mst rom overwrites hidden partition, so if you will ever use mst rom to flash your phone your genuine ROM will be overwirtten. You still could use nb file converted from dump by Paco's Extractor, but it is not necessary. Go to Samsung Settings -> GeneralSettings-> Language Change (for english ROMs) select language and hit Done. About 15 minutes, few restarts and you have back your first (manufacturer's) ROM. There is another way to backup your ROM. Using other file explorer (ex. RescoExplorer or TotalCommander - free) go to /BaseFolder - you'll have to write it by hand in address line, cause it's hidden - and there you gonna see file LOUVRE.MLI. That's it. Copy that file to your SDCard, later to your computer and you will have backup of your genuin (box) ROM. You can convert it by Executor to .nb file. Before flashing tell what ROM do you have now? Is it wm6.5 or 6.1? If it is 6.1 and you are going to flash version 6.5 (or vice versa) you'll have to flash also Eboot part. If you are going to change rom from 6.1 to 6.1 or 6.5 to 6.5 (6.5.3, 6.5.5) flashing PDA part is enough.
  7. If you will use one of daskalos ROMs (.nb0), old ROM remains on hidden partition in your phone and you will always be able to use language change option in samsung settings to return to your genuine ROM. This option will reflash old (genuine) ROM to your phone. Tu convert .bin to .nb (.nb0) you could use pako777's i900_Executor. There is dedicated option in PDA/Other tab.
  8. Are you holding alt key during pressing ? and ~ keys? With those two keys you have to hold alt key, not just press and release it. For me everything works ok.
  9. Yes, it only in english. Password in post #25 in this thread. Read carefully whole thread and you'll know almost everything you need. :)
  10. Excellent work. I've been using a Megalite for 2 days and it seems to be the best 6.5.x ROM so far. Fast and stable. Boot time from turn on till ready - logged to gsm network, started SPB MS + few residents like AEKMap (polish fonts), ComCTRL +WM Sliding +WM Phone Pad- under 70 seconds. Free RAM in "ready" state - 69 - 70 MB No ring delay, phone wakes up during or just after first ring GPS fix is almost instant. Did you applied any gps reg fixes into your rom? No need for any additional fixes or third party drivers. Almost all samsung cabs from "The B7610 Omnia Pro Collection Thread" are working ok except camera and volume. I had to get camera cab from Expermient thread and get used to windows volum control :lol: Small token of my appreciation on your PayPal. Thank you daskalos.
  11. It depends on application you are using. In most of WM native apps (notes, messaging, word) it works as in "big" windows - move cursor to desired position (in your case right before f) press & hold SHIFT mark text by moving cursor with arrow keys (just behind d), relase SHIFT and press & relase Composer then press C, move cursor where you need it and then press & relase Composer and next V. In other apps it is quite various - starting from "not working at all" (not marking or copying by keyboard, touch only) to "work partially" (marks not copy or vice-versa). You'll have to verifiy it by yourself.
  12. It's a bit tricky, cause a way Composer key works is quite strange. It invokes just one action - run LandscapeLauncherD.exe, and it is hardcoded in keyboard driver. I'm replacing that exe with my app so there is no longer composer program to invoke. I could try do something (not right now, lack of time), but with a bit of patience it seems to be doable.
  13. If you could take a picture of your keyboard and describe what happens after pressing that particular key, maybe there is a way to use it in other manner, ex. like CTRL.
  14. it does allmost everything what your PC's CTRL can do, sends scancode 0x11 so you can use it in standard combinations like copy (ctrl+c), paste (ctrl+v), select all (ctrl+a) and so on. It has althought some limitation as I've noticed (in few applications and system's windows), for example it doesn't work in Opera mini, but in this program whole keyboard acts weird (in my case)
  15. So most likely it has something to do with different CSC and keyboard mappings. I'm using some high ASCII codes to provide communication between parts of my solution, so maybe in other CSC that particular codes are used for some national (accented) characters or control codes. I could try to prepare another version that uses other codes and with some luck it could solve a problem. If I remember correctly someone else had similiar problem on 6.5 after flashing new rom and csc, but I don't know how it ended.
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