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  1. Can someone halp me plz. either i'm totally blind, or i cant send smsm from this screen... is there a send butten hidden somewhere or is it just not possible reply?
  2. hmm, i'll try to remove them one by one, thought maybe this was a knows issue... Another question, is there a way to disable the startup sound? haven't found n e thing in settings
  3. Hi Daskalos, thank you fot this rom. I'm hopeing someone can help me with a little problem i have. When i press the unlock button, a lot of times the phone doesn't wake up. then i either have to wail a couple of sekonds an then try again, or press the unlock button firmly for like 2 sekonds an release it to wake up my device. Does anyone know how to resolve this? i have Spb, s2u2, AmeBa, NET. CF 3.5, and flashlite 3.1 installed.
  4. how do you make this cabs? I was wondering if it was possible to make the compose key behave like the 'àü' key on german devices. It would be nice to have a cab like your polish.cab that lets you go through all possibilites for a character (eg. a -> äáà etc.)
  5. Hey freezy, looks like in on this site: http://www.pocketpc.ch/samsung-omnia-pro/6...-umlaute-2.html they found a registry hack for it. did't try it myself, but looks like it works. site is in german btw. cheers!
  6. Hi, thanks a lot for the rom. when i use front camera for self portrait the colors are kind of weird (red turns to blue and vice versa). can someone confirm this? also self mode for videos doesn't work.
  7. sorry if this is a stupid question, but what csc file should i use if i want to set it to german? do i need a csc file? ok seems like i don't need one. but where do i choose language? it dind't let me using octans mini
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