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  1. Hi, sorry for replying to myself I found a side by side images, and the position of the buttons are different Even the sensor position on top is different. Thanks, L. Pinho
  2. Just ordered my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, it should arrive this week. Is it exactly the same as the ZTE Blade S6 Lux or Plus (buttons, sizes, camera, sizes, etc)? (ignore the dual sim feature) I would like to buy the screen protection made from tempered glass and I'm wondering if all the ZTE Blade S6 Plus accessories will fit perfectly in its Vodafone counter part. Thanks for all the help, L. Pinho
  3. Wowwww, this should be pinned!!!! Thanks for all the guys and girls involved in this, my G300 gained a new live :)
  4. Hi, I'm a bit dependent on my bluetooth headset to keep in touch while driving, I refuse to answer or make any call without it. With the stock rom, I don't even have a voice dialer, so I installed one for version 4.0.3, it starts, and sometimes it works, but most of the times it would get stuck with a "starting..." label on the top. So I tried to find any cfw with voice dialer included, and I found cyanogen. I'm using version 9, but I've got a bit of a problem. When I pair the bluetooth headset with the G300 for the 1st time and start using the headset, everything works great. If I switch off the headset and then switch it on, it connects automatically to the phone, but this connection only last about 2 seconds. The same happens if I connect them manually, works for 1~2 seconds and then its gone. My current solution is to unpair the device and then pair it again before using the bluetooth, but if I forget to do this, I've got to stop the car and do it. Thanks for all the help, Luis Pinho
  5. Now using CM9. This version comes with a Voice Dialler that works :) But I'm having a problem with the Bluetooth, I'm able to connect the headset for 1 second, then, it goes down. If I pair the headset again with my G300, it works perfectly, if I try to use an already paired device, it works only for one second. But the voice dialler works well :P If I solve the problem, I'll write the details
  6. Not stable, sometimes it works,but, most of the time its stuck in "Starting..." after pressing on the call button of the headset. The stupid thing is, if I press 2x (redial) it will unlock the starting... I hear the lady talking, but, it redials (like it should when its pressed 2x) If yours goes down after speaking with an error, make sure its in the system apps place. A friend of mine is using the same apk with Stock+ R6 and its working. I will to get another version, just to make sure its not the apk fault.
  7. You're welcome, sorry for not posting the link directly, dont want to take credit for someone elses job. I'm currently trying out Stock+ (doesn't contain voice dialer either) and did the same thing, lets see how it goes.
  8. Hi fr0do, I checked the uninstalled applications, I just removed the Vodafone applications, nothing else, do you think its possible that any of the Vodafone application does the job that Voice Dialer did? I can restore all the Vodafone application just to make sure. I've got some new data regarding this problem, I've downloaded a 4.0.3 version of Voice Dialer, and installed it. Then I moved to the system application and restarted the phone, it worked... well.... sort of.... I'm now able to use the button in my Bluetooth headset (sorry about the BT) to start a call and make the call using the CALL command, but its not very stable, after a few successful calls it stops working. Lets see if I can improve it or find a more stable solution. Regards, Luis Pinho @rwalton159: I got the apk from this forum page: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1665761
  9. Hi there, I just received my G300, I'm still using my stock rom v4.0.3 (just rooted and removed the Vodafone applications). After installing a few applications I tried to use my BT to make a call, I pair it with the G300, then clicked on the BT button and nothing happens. I pressed twice (redial) and nothing happens. I tried to look for the voice dialer and its gone??? Did the same happened to you guys? I need voice dialer working because I hate to drive and have to look to the phone (besides security issues). Any help, alternatives are welcome, I just need to dial someone without touching the screen, Thanks, Luís Miguel Pinho
  10. Hi Ventura, sorry for the late reply (regarding the voice dialer). I've installed the apk that you supplied (thanks for that) but it still didn't work, I would always get a "sorry, voice dialler as ended" (or something similar), basically, the dialler would end without making the call and then it no longer worked (I had to force stop the application in order to make it "sensible" to my bluetooth headset). My next step was to install cm9 from konsta and check it it worked, and everything works correctly. I'm able to use my bluetooth headset to start voice conversations. The only thing left for me to do is to strip this of all the junk that you already removed in the eco and find out the missing link between the voice dialler and the rest. Many thanks for all the hard work you have done, Luis Pinho
  11. Hi all, I don't know if this is a problem, a feature that I've got to install or something I'm doing wrong. In my previous versions (Swedish SLR7, Modaco or stock), to start a call using my bluetooth headset I just need to press the call button a few seconds and I could "command" my phone to make a call just by saying "CALL <name to call>". With this version the mobile is "ignoring" the pressing of the call button on my headset, I can use it to answer a call, to terminate a call and to make a phone call, but to start the call I must use my hand on the mobile. Any ideas? Obrigado pela ajuda, Luis Pinho EDIT: I've installed voice dialler apk from the CM9, I'm able to make it work one time, well almost, it pop ups, I say the command CALL <persons name>, then an error is thrown telling me that the voice dialler application stopped working (no call is made), afterwards the voice dialler no longer appears... bummer, this is a breaking point for me, I don't like to use my hands to make calls while driving :(
  12. No, Just 128 MB, I will expand this to 160 MB and try again. Yes, I always wipe everything :) I was using the Swedish RLS7 Thanks for the reply and help, Luis Pinho
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply. I've done that, after 10 minutes with the little green man, I gave up. I'm able to restore the previous version, so, I'm not very worried, but I would like to try out this version, its even put together by a Portuguese :) I tried the experimental version, I will try the stable one. Thanks again, Luís Pinho EDIT: Just tried the stable version, same problem, waited 15 mins just to make sure, any advices?
  14. Hi, I've got a gen1 Blade transformed to gen2 to install the Swedish RLS7. When I try to install this version, it complains about not having space for extras and then, if try to boot, it gets stuck in the android. Can you help me out or its better to revert? Thanks, Luís Pinho
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