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  1. Okay so every new phone tends to have one of these topics so I thought I would start the ball rolling.
  2. Just seen this tweet from T-mobile: @TMobileOfficial: T-Mobile customers will be able to get their hands on the new HTC Desire HD from October for free on a £40 a month, 24 month contract. #htc Seems a little high to me?? Not that I would ever buy an iPhone 4 but you could easily pick one up for the same terms. Would think it would be an okay price if it was for 18 months.
  3. got it to work. Looks like it didn't like the partitioned SD card. Popped in another formatted SD card and it worked!!!
  4. Then follow the steps below to update your phone: Download the update file Okay so still no go with flashing back the original rom. I get error message: "The upgrade is not detected. Confirm the upgrage package, and then perform the upgrade" Unzip the file U8220V100R001GBRC85B118 SP01 with_Userdata.zip to a location of your choice on your computer Copy the files you just unzipped (the “dload” folder and all its contents) to the root directory of your MICRO SD card Insert your MICRO SD card into the handset On your Pulse, go to the Main menu, then select Settings Within Settings select SD card & phone storage Scroll down, under the Internal phone storage section select Upgrade The upgrade process will give you several warnings which you need to confirm to continue Then press the Upgrade option to begin the update As the update progresses you will see several screens along with a progress bar Once complete you will see a confirmation screen, and your Pulse will automatically restart Once restarted your Pulse will be up to date with the latest software
  5. Can I flash the December update from RA recovery system to reset the Pulse back to manufacturing settings. When I follow t-mobile instructions it doesn't recognise the update.?? Edit: I should read the instructions forgot to extract the zip file, just thought put it in my SD route
  6. i'm using Raidroid 1.0, Eris 2.1 Port OPTIMIZED, for the last couple of days, Stable and able to use protected apps in the market.
  7. Anyone got a list with the peeps on here who use twitter?
  8. A few peeps on twitter reckon that Verizon have released their 2.1 ROM. I fired up MoDaCo expecting to find it ready to be flashed. Any ideas???
  9. Already got the Dec update but will see if it does the trick. Nice!!
  10. I'm selling my pulse and as the custom rom I was on wasn't 100% stable (problem with downloading apps)I want to sell it with the original rom. Whats the quickest way to do this?
  11. Anyone found the new Sky News app on the market yet? They said it would be releases over the the weekend just gone?
  12. Getting really pissed that there isn't on anywhere just spent another 1hour trying to find one. My girlfriend who I bought the phone for is now doing my head in asking for one.
  13. Is there any rom I should try out???
  14. I have my 3.2 Beta 5 MoDaCo Custom ROM running quite nicely at the moment. A month or two ago I tried out the android 2.1 roms from HTC pedia but found them very unstable. Was just wondering what everyone thinks the best custom rom is at the moment? Every time I go to change rom's I see that peeps have issues with them. I know that I can do a android backup and revert back to it if the new rom is no good but just wanted to find out what you guys think is best at the moment.
  15. Using an iPhone gel case at the moment. No probe with the screen. If there is I will do the foil thing
  16. I ordered one of those mobilephonecrazy cases pre Christmas still waiting on a refund as they don't have any in stock
  17. Just had an email back from one seller who said expecting in two weeks. Won't hold my breath but you never know.
  18. Had a few replies nobody has got one but a few sellers said they would look into it
  19. The was I was spamming was typing in silicone case into advanced search and selecting top seller only then asking them a question from their auction page. Best done from a desktop.
  20. I have now resorted to spamming ebay sellers of silicone cases for iphone xda's etc to see if they can get any from their suppliers. I sent them a question asking if they sell the case for the Pulse and if not maybe their suppliers could get some for them as i'm sure there would be a demand for them. Maybe we could achieve something like we did in "Contact Huawei to request Android Update" thread??? If a few of us send some questions to top rated sellers then maybe they might get some in stock.
  21. Just got this email: dear customer thank you for your appreciation to our u8220,but i am sorry the upgrade software for android 2.0 has not been released,our researching members are still working on it ,and i ill give a feedback to them,may be after a few months,the software will be available. sorry about it,
  22. Still waiting begging to think that there isn't going to be one
  23. Just don't see any style in this. Is it handmade????
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