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  1. _melchett

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    Ganker and Sh4d0w940 ... Legends. Thanks for the help and happy to say that it boots up again. Strangly its reintroduced an old bug of mine where everything starts up but when you try to call if force closes, as it does when you open market, gmail or music. Its strange as it receives and sends texts just fine... It did this a while ago and i ended up using a different phone for a while (as reflashng and jumping between 1.5 and 2.1 roms and kernals made no difference) and then just worked out of the blue, i guess its back to the old T610.... I'll see if i can pop a logcat up at some point, maybe someone (ANYONE!) will have an idea. For the mean while thanks again for the help!!!
  2. _melchett

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    Thanks for the repy!. I can open up fastboot, i can even flash a recovery image, however when the phone starts up it reboots immediately after the initial splash screen (tmobile/tre or in my case the red bull image). This means that if you press the red+menu buttons you cannot enter recovery. I remember ages ago Tom G made a 2.1 rom that could be flashed from fastboot, but i've googled and searched the forum and just can't find it (i expect that would be outside my skill levels anyway) Just found the froyo-pulse-0.31.zip and tried fastboot pushing the 3 .img across to the phone, but the same bootloop persists. As for the time machine "reset rom", i have the original one, but i didn't know there was a second one, any chance of a link to the post? The one that i have just immediately states that the update has failed, without the progess bar even appearing. Just in case it makes any difference, the Fastboot build date is Nov 22 2010 Cheers!
  3. _melchett

    Latest official 2.1 rom (RBM2)

    After being a bit download-happy i somehow downlaoded the rom in post #1 rather than the update zip and tried to install it on to my bog-standard UK pulse. The upgrade nearly makes it to the end but i guess due to the smaller internal memory can't complete. Now i can't install a recovery as the bootloop restarts before the recovery is launched and i've tried the following roms but none so far work, also can't use adb as the phone doesn't start. - The recovery rom that allows you (normally) to return to 1.5 - 2.1 UK - 2.1 Tre - 2.1 Hungary Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. _melchett

    Logcat advice

    Finally got round to getting this working. I'm not entirely sure how to get a full logcat, so this is just the initial part (still has a nice few errors). http://pastebin.com/kPNpJwmY Any advice would be greatly apprechiated...i miss my pulse!
  5. _melchett

    Logcat advice

    I know there is a sticky but i didn't want to sully that post with something as purile as this request. Anyway i have no working touchscreen at all - not a software fault but rather a broken screen. I also now get force closes when i try to make a phonecall, enter the market or Gmail and try to play music- this is a new fault that i want to investigate as i still use the phone as musiv player. I can only rely on nandroid backups because when flashing a new rom it asks you to 'touch the google-guy' (not verbatim what is said) which i can't do. Therefore i cannot type adb logcat in the terminal emulator. This means the only option to use the SDK. So far i've: 1) Downloaded the Java developer kit that the SDK required 2) Downloaded the Android SDK and the first two options. a) Android SDK Tools, reversion 10 :huh: Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 3 I can find adb when going through C:\Windows etc. WHen i try opening in that it opens, flashes text and closes. When i open command prompt and type in adb logcat it says waiting for device - but displays nothing. So i'm sure there is something very basic but i can't find instructions anywhere (the sticky ones aren't particularly extensive!)
  6. _melchett

    Huawei may be released next week, the official 2.2

    Looks like theres been an update on the website you linked to: "Therefore, Huawei Technologies to make the team after discussion the following decisions: not to U8220/U8230 handset development android2.2 version, but still Android2.1 version of the bug will be fixed." So no 2.2 as the kernal "will drive a lot of problems difficult to solve, many uncertain factors, leading to the final developed stability can not be met on the version of Huawei's quality requirements" Yoda has spoken...
  7. _melchett

    Pulse Backing Cover

    I have one if you want it, £1+p&p sound ok
  8. Definately glass. I used to use a pulse and the screen broke - tried to remove the digitizer and had to pick the shards of glass off it.
  9. _melchett

    The Official "I'm not leaving the Pulse" thread

    I have to say that i miss my Pulse. I''ve kept it to one side so if i am able to get a replacement screen for it it can be my main phone again, until then i'm using an Iphone. I'm not sure if my Pulse was working i would consider the SanFran a sufficient jump, Android is the best operating system, and the Pulse does everything you could want. Hope the froyo port keeps on improving (which i know it will), and hopefully when my friend gets back from America i can rip apart her phone for the screen, and start reading this forum again. Good luck friends!
  10. http://www.unwiredview.com/2010/06/30/andr...id-oct-release/ This says 3.5" minimum screen size, guess it might have changed since June.
  11. i'm tempted but if i remember right Gingerbread needed 1ghz+ (if this isn't true please tell me to shut up! :lol: ) I'd be a little cautious of buying a new phone that's likely to be eternally stuck on 2.2 (maybe a hack will be available). Getting 2.1 on the pulse seemed to take forever, despite the great work done by everyone. I'd hate to get that feeling that a new os is out and i couldn't get it.
  12. Just me or did anyone immediately think of : or Now my pulse's screen is broken this could be a worthy replacement..... i think it'll have to be nicknamed Gordon!
  13. _melchett

    Broken screen advice

    No. The digitizer is very hard to peel off - even more so when the screen has broken in to sections. Therefore i do not know if it is just the digitizer that is now broken or just the screen not recgnoising input. But the screen, which is plastic and not glass, does not show any sort of recognition from the touchscreen. I'm hoping to get my friends pulse with a broken usb port - where i'll swap over the screen to my one. It will also mean i have a spare broken pulse that will be dismantled for the pleasure (sadistic or not) of the modaco community. Unfortunately she's no longer working at my local pub, but i'll report back if i can get the phone. If not goodbye friends. The smug world of the iphone user is my new home...bugger.... i'm not eating tofu and swahili peace chips!
  14. _melchett

    Broken screen advice

    Ahhh, this is all bad news. Anyway i thought i'd give you an update on my purchase (i've got some pics so i'll try to put them up later). The thing will not come apart easily!, however the back cover is perfect replacement if anyone has a broken or lost cover. You need to lift it off with a stanley knife, as it is sellotaped down rather than using the clips. The clips are there just not being used! The front bezel is a dark chrome, which, if i can remove the middle section and replace the screen (i do understand the risks mentioned above) it would look quite cool. Unfortunately the middle section (as you look at the phone the bit with the sd card slot, power button and volume buttons) is made of chuck norris grade plastic, probably more strong than the front cover unfortunately. Anyway if i can roundhouse kick the plastic off, i'll provide another update. Therefore: 1) if you want a replacement back cover for a £5 all in its worth a purchase. 2) If you want the screen....... you'll have to wait and see
  15. _melchett

    Broken screen advice

    Many thanks for the replies, i've bought the dummy phone so will see what can be salvaged from it - just in case anyone else has a broken screen or would like the back cover etc.

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