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  1. Hi guys :) ! It's been quite a while since a last wrote in this forum... Like you I haven't given up on my omnia 2 so i need to freshen it up with the optimal official (i use the touch wiz ui a lot especially the notes widget) 6.5.3 rom out there... Could someone suggest the most stable official rom with possibly more free ram and where can I get it from ? 10x in advance...
  2. I'm always wondering what is better - 6.5 or 6.5.3 a want to use all samsung apps and the touch wiz... i find them really usefull - especially the memo on the homescreen. But with an official rom I can't get more than <60 MB RAM and it's draining really fast... With 6.5.3. I cannot launch open GL apps right ? So if I want a relativly stable, fast rom with enough ram would you recommend me this or the previous one that is 6.5.3. ?
  3. So actually THAT is the problem! The app looks for the graphics files in the main memory first. I reinstalled the player placing it in the main memory - the problem is gone! So there you have it - this is the solution if someone else encounters the same problem.
  4. I've installed S2U2 in phone memory and S2P in My Storage - maybe that's the problem ?
  5. Hi. I love the combination of those two apps but I recently encountered the following problem. Even though I checked the music controls option in s2u2 setting, when I tap on the lock screen a menu slides down, shows my current song info but the controls are missing? I can't figure out why is this happening? Is someone having the same problem? Does anyone has a slution? Pls help. 10x in advance!
  6. So all I need to do is switch off "on wake up, delay start of s2u2" ?
  7. C'mon guy let's really do this together ! I'm willing to help to, just tell me what to do because I'm a newbie... If only we could pull this off !!! It would be great !
  8. How do I start the script on my phone - simply open the file ?
  9. Hi, I tried to install one of those cool looking wm lock screens: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=854047 but not only it didn't work but also I got stuck with the horrible wm 6.1. lock screen......... What registry value should I change to activate the wm 6.5. lock screen again !?
  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Thank you SOOO much - it works !!! :D :( ;) Sorry for all the trouble we caused you guys, you're great ! PS: I don't wanna complain or anything but the text doesn't appear in the buttons. I guess it's because I'm using Bulgarian language... Is there any way I can fix it ? But either way I'm verry happy :D - 10x again !
  11. So the third uploaded installer should be working fine on stock roms ?? (Mine is JD1 stock but still not working :D ...) Maybe if I sign the exe (UPDATE 2) like you did it'll work for me too ?
  12. Same here. I uninstaled the previous version of SDK(2.0) and installed 2.2 but with no luck... I have the previous version of teeter and resco bubbles and they work great... I don't understand. Could my aygshell.dll be the problem?
  13. I've got another version of Teeter for the previous Omnia that has smaller resolution. The cab is adapted for Omnia II and it's working... but is stretched a littile bit. I don't know why is that file working and the WVGA not. Should I upload the Teeter cab I have? Maybe you guys can figure out why is it working and the new not?
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