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  1. Hi Paul,I would like to request the removal of the safe volume warning when a headset is plugged in.I have googled the place that needs to be tweaked. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=40063145 Thanks
  2. You need to get into maps or latitude, then drill down the selector, choose location history or something. there you can set work and home locations. these work fine with google cards. if you switch your language to US English, you will get much more, especially regarding voice searches. much more siri like, but sports, public transport and stuff needs to be enabled in other countries, so not much use in Germany yet.
  3. I found my way around. I enabled instant email notification and set up a filter in Gmail so I only get a notification if you made a post. I am very happy with it, because it keeps the scatter away from me :))
  4. Are you kidding? There is a plus where you can give your "+1". If this is not enough, then write a personal message and tell how glad you are about that post. This is useless, pointless, causes a lot of load on Paul's servers and annoys a lot of users
  5. Stop whining, click on thread tools, enable subscriptions via mail and scan for the first line in each mail for the term "TripNRaver". Edit: Sorry, quoted the wrong post
  6. Trip, I have asked some developers who claimed to have ICS with HWAccel working for different devices. They used this patchset linked to my quoted post and it appeared to work. You might want to try it..
  7. I think you need to add them on the phone. GoogleMail does not support highres
  8. Aaaand this one came from the HD2 thread over at XDA (all credits to antuch). Explained how to hack for EGL - updated as much as 1. You need rights *.so adreno200. Not all *.so worked with ICS. You can try from my build. 2. You should patch these files: DisplayHardware.cpp - selectConfigForPixelFormat SurfaceFlinger.cpp - SurfaceFlinger::createNormalSurface or define NO_RGBX_8888 eglApi.cpp - eglSwapBuffers glext.h - remap GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES gl2ext.h - remap GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES state.cpp - fix case GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES BootAnimation.cpp - BootAnimation::android() for details see patchset - first aid hacks. Needs additional investigations and developments. http://www.multiupload.com/HMP17EWYS1
  9. Hey Trip, here is another interesting thing. There is a project which wants to bring Android to x86. They want to use the Linux mesa lib for 3D acceleration and have a branch to adapt it to ICS. Here is the commit list, hopefully it helps: http://git.android-x86.org/?p=platform/external/mesa.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ics-x86
  10. Hey Trip, no, unfortunately not. The maintainer of the Incredible S stated that he got 2d/3d accel working through some framework hacks. The repository is up here: https://github.com/vivo-ICS/android_device_htc_vivo/commits/ics Here for the Thunderbold: https://github.com/TwistedUmbrella/android_hardware_qcom_display/commits/ics You know best what has already been implemented / tried and what not. Good luck
  11. That sounds like a breakthrough. Hw enabled on four layers. What else do we need :)
  12. Oh yeah,look into the mirror and repeat. Radio is hardware, has nothing to do with the rom. Rom could bundle a firmware for the radio,but it doesn't. Rom includes a ril, radio interface layer, which is indeed included,nut should match the radio firmware. Ril can be kinda universal,but some things could work better with different rom versions.So you better head over to Xda and educate yourself before you do anything else with alpha classified Roms.
  13. There are a lot of users who have notifications enabled and are waiting like you do. Getting an email every 30 seconds with just useless crap annoys pretty much. So please, if you just want to thank anyone, hit the green plus. If you have nothing to say, go somewhere else, or go out and make friends. If Trip will post an update, then freak out and buy him a beer or two. He very well deserves it. And he is very responsive and communicative already, he has just no live camera yet to publish himself to the world.Sorry for the rant ;)
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