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  1. Has this sold? The wife is looking for one
  2. neuty

    apn settings o2

    Try here Desire Settings on O2 Click on view manual instructions and add your own. neuty
  3. All good folks. Working a treat now. :) neuty
  4. Can these be downloaded and installed without Market? Having no Market make downloading these a problem. My son does really like the Rom. thanks Sh4d0w940 neuty
  5. :( :( But I got no Market.
  6. Cheers for that. I will try later. Where can I get rootexplorer from? neuty
  7. I'm getting the same problem as panter4. I have installed Market OK, but crashes everytime . Any ideas guys. neuty
  8. Thanks, I have all the supplied downloads from the thread. Fingers crossed, or I will have a very angry 14 year old son. :) neuty
  9. Hi folks, Can this Rom replace the one suggested in the "How to: Root phone and install Android v.2.1" thread, or is there another process to do? My sons Pulse is unlocked and was about to install the rom from that thread and spotted this. Any help as never done this on Android before. neuty
  10. Device Name :HD2 O2 now unbranded Operating System Version : Windows Mobile 6.5 Default ROM :1.48
  11. This may be close to what you are after http://www.gsmarena.com/acer_neotouch-2958.php
  12. send it back. mine went on the down move on my joystick,and sent it free with orange phone repair at there shop. they claimed that my case was the first,but that seems a bit untrue. get the phone replaced because it will go completly,and you can only scroll the opposite way. neuty
  13. thanks sponge. i have never understood the laws behind "the sale of goods act",but you have made it a lot clearer now. when speaking to OCS they then told me that i should take out there insurance because i was responsable for any postage of the phone to the manufacturers,and it would be cheaper by having it. that was BS my wife took the phone in and at no cost orange are organising the repair. in my opinion they tell you anything on the end of the phone. if it wasn`t for the great service for the past 8 1/2 yrs iwould try another operator,but my guess is they are all the same. thanks again sponge
  14. good news . spoke to orange again yesterday because the down arrow on the joystick has stopped working,and they have agreed that it is faulty and have given me a refrence number to take wityh the phone to my local orange shop where they will repair or replace as needed. so the story continues. hotphil i have never had an original spv but did have the mpx200 for a year and loved it until the screen bust and orange had removed it from the network.my bro has had his for 2.5 yrs until the battery died.He is completley lost without a smartphone now. thanks to all on your advice neuty
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