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  1. There you go. Cheers, BB AXML PrinterGUI.zip
  2. Yeah that's the problem. That's why I output every field of the array using printk. Best regards, BB
  3. You might also add some printk()'s into the ts_work_func to display the coords (that's what I did). Makes debugging alot easier -> cat kmsg.
  4. The second one isn't that difficult, just merge in the changes of the ts_work_func of the original synaptics_i2c_rmi driver. Best regards, BB
  5. Hey guys, sorry I've really been busy :D The driver from my repo is messed up - just a brief testversion. I wanted to check if the second touchpoint is even recognized by Android. In short, I tried everything - even patching the I2C driver but I couldn't get it working B) Best regards, BoBo
  6. Yap, unfortunately this is a direct voilation of the forum rules. Topic closed, link removed. Best regards, BB
  7. Please BTT guys. I hate creepers though :huh: And WP7 would be awesome!!!1!!1!111!!!"""1221!!!! Best regards, BB
  8. Okay, please continue discussion in the mentioned thread. Closed. Best regards, BB
  9. I know its much to read, but if you read the whole thread you would already have noticed that I even contacted Luke Hutchinson directly (the guy that ported MT to the G1). That was the first thing I tried. I didn't work, obviously :) Thanks for the hint though :D To the rest of you: I'm really sorry, I haven't got any time recently to look further into MT :) But really big thanks to all of you that are supporting me :D Believe me, without you guys encouraging me I would already have given up a while ago. Best regards, BB
  10. Try adding this line to init.rc or just run this script through init.d. Best regards, BB
  11. You should think twice beofre saying something like that. You could get in really bad trouble over here where I live by saying that ...
  12. I lost trust in Huawei a while ago. Even if this phone would only cost a 100 bucks I wouldn't buy it. My next phone will be the Xperia Play anyway ;) Best regards, BB
  13. Please continue discussion in one of the already existing topics. Best regards, BB
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