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  1. WoW After reading all this I'm glad I kept my i910 around. I have been looking for a way to run this on my Fathom. I think it has the same Snapdragon processor as my DInc. Any how, I will bookmark this page and check back often... Almost makes me want to look into getting a mail order bride...JK. My wife is already jealous of my DInc. I am trying to find the Lexikon/Merge...(For VZW) Well most everything worked for android. I was on my way through to setting the language when the screen went blank. I touched the middle button and it lit up again. Language and Keyboard is found in the settings menu next to the icon with the letter in the white box.(Just below the one with the micro DS card). Select Language shuld be the top one.. Now I think something happened to my winmo drivers, the touchscreen is totaty unresponsive. When I plugin my PC my firewall dies.... I made a shortcut with mobile shell.. It works with the optik j stik... EDIT Well the screen is touchless in droid mode now.. Reflashing WinMo now.. Edit2: SKtools Backup did not work so I had to dig my 22044.bin. Now to find the backip that goes with it. At least the screen survived...
  2. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Have you tried the cab file? Let me know how it goes. I could allways cook it in...
  3. cac2us

    Check this out

    I'm waiting for some one to hack the Droid OS to allow a dual boot like the way the HTC6900 can run Droid. It would be nice to have a Snapdragon run WinMo.
  4. cac2us

    DC22 ROMs From cac2us

    Good news for MMS users. Just uploaded Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3. It's a little different. It was a special request from taziwac. If any one wants anything different it will have to wait till after June 20th. I have to re-locate to AZ. ENJOY...
  5. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    When I use the keyboard_BLK.cab, or cooked in, the vibrator works fine. I could try to search my registry for the vib settings and export them. You could download that cab from my 4Shared and try it. If the cab fixes your issue, then you could import it into the kitchen like I do. You could allways use SIPChange to controll the keyboard that you want at the time. keyboard_BLK.cab Enjoy....
  6. I cooked a DC22_21507 (6.1) ROM. http://www.4shared.com/dir/12702333/dc2d4535/sharing.html Check out the other ROMs. You might like DC22_21904
  7. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Yup that's the one.
  8. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Yea, looks like we will have to wait that out. But V1.25 cooks up in about 10min or less (with a 2.4gHz, 1.5GB RAM.) 21057_00.bmp This what your looking for? WOW! This 6.1 build responds like my HTC6800 does with 21904. Besides the look of the tiny fonts, this thing is fast. No lag tapping the screen. Uploading to 4shared now. It may be a while, every time I use the "Desktop Utillity" I end up doing a Norton Ghost backup. My PC is giong on 6 years old and my Nimitz motherboard has trouble finding my 160GB HDD. Looks like about 01:30am CST. @19.5kbs. upload speed. The screenshots are up. I found that when I compaired the OEM_APPS folder with the Minimal_OEM folder that I used for cf03, the file size was the same but the timestamps were deferent. I just stripped out the same files from the dc22 that I took out of the cf03, and came up with a good base. Then I added wozzer's xip fix, and mixed in an initflashfiles.dat file in the OEM_Lang_0409 folder from whiteblazer00, and that got rid of the useless dead shortcuts that I kept getting. EDIT: 21057 is up.. Enjoy...
  9. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    Cool, While 21904 is uploading, I will re-cook 21057 with the office 2010 (the one that has a popup to confirm before close). I don't know if that build has widgets or not.
  10. cac2us

    Cook Dc22 6.1 Rom?

    I have been using OsKitchen V1.25. Chech here for the DC22_minimal OEM package. http://www.4shared.com/dir/12702333/dc2d4535/sharing.html 21904 just came out. It has the Start button at the top. I have 21057, I cooked it but I thought it was quite ugly. If you have a special request, I could cook something up. I normally don't cook in Enterprize, Widgets, MMS and some of the other bloatware. I have a couple of MMS ROMs with Arcsoft in them. Let me know....
  11. cac2us

    DC22 ROMs From cac2us

    Check the 4Shared folder, look in the sub folder for that build. 28236_WindowsDefault.bmp Enjoy..
  12. cac2us

    DC22 ROMs From cac2us

    The DC22_XXX.txt files are the description/log files. The Flash_DC22_XXX.bin are the ROM files. The .jpg files are the screenshots. This way people can see the details of the build they want. I should put each build into a separate folder... Enjoy...
  13. I have gotten better at cooking basic ROMs. Here is my latest.... DC22_21095_MMS DC22_23654 DC22_22022 DC_ 28236_BI14PP http://www.4shared.com/dir/12702333/dc2d4535/sharing.html Remember to have updated to the dc22 upgrade first... I still use the icons from whiteblazer00. Pagepool is 14MB. This build is much better with memory management. The free RAM after soft reset is around 55MBs. I fixed the Camera font in landscape mode. After first boot, tap the top left corner to confirm the auto calibration settings then Soft Reset to enable some settings of the menu "Back" button. Cooked in are: Adobe PDF 2.5 ArcsoftMMS5.0.82.79 (Just for Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) BubbleBreaker Chess Custom Theme (Thanks to storm) Cybron Voice SpeedDial (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) DotFred Task Manager (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) HTC Calc (thekevster_black_calculator) (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) Keyboard_Black (Thanks to lioryte) MortScript-4_2-PPC EXT Package (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) Nhex Editor (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) Office Mobile 2010 (The one that has the confirm save change popup) PACKAGE_TF_HTC_Album_2_0 PDC_v1.1.10 Check my Public folder at 4shared for Fonts. Pocket RAR Samsung Power Calculator SDK Certs Showcase Suite (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) SIP Changer (The shortcut shows up in the Startup folder, You can use Total Commander to put it where you want) SJ KeybSkin_OSXBlue Solitaire TaskbarBlue Total Commander Windows Live 10.7 (Left out of Flash_DC22_21905BI14ppReq3) I don't use MMS, It adds an extra menu item to the Send/Receive menu. If any one wants, I can cook Arcsoft into a ROM. Also the other things like Enterprize and widgets and such can be cooked into a fully bloated ROM. Screenshots to come, or check the 4Shared folder.
  14. cac2us

    Bad luck with roms

    Check out some of my work http://www.4shared.com/dir/12702333/dc2d4535/sharing.html Check out this thread http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...5-0-21xxx-rom/# FM Radio & SIP Changer are cooked in but require using Total Commander to create the shortcuts where you want them. I cook without MMS because with it, there is an extra item in the sub menu to Send & Receive. Most of my current ROMs have a 14mb pagepool. Newer Icons thanks to whiteblazer00.. Let me know if you want something different...
  15. Same here, Many major folders show a timestamp of 1/1/00 12:02 AM & 3:02 AM. Runnin XP SP3. Just cooked a DC22_23118 And My Storage & Storage Card show: 1/1/98 7:00 AM. Is this something to do with 2012.... I knew I should have recmoded the firmware from that PipBoy 3000...

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