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  1. I think you have to edit something from your rom. Including Resco software (commercial) is not legal in this board.
  2. For the people that use videocalls, but not so often: some time ago I wrote a little utility that switches between HTC, Samsung and Windows Default dialer. I'm sharing this as it can be useful. Of course, the prerequisites is to have all dialers installed, otherwise it could give problems. Of course 2: maybe there are some bugs, but it works for now. DialerSwitcher.rar
  3. The only way to fix those white squares is to port a 6.5.5 kernel on a native 6.5 rom (I think last was JE2). But as you know you'll lose the 8MB of ram gained with 6.5.x rom. Cya ;) edit: if you are using lockscreen from HD mini, the password unlock not working is a well known issue. Just don't use it, I don't think they solved it.
  4. No problem ^^ Ah, how's going the 2015? This period I lost contact with all Sense packages :)
  5. Hey Shadowangel, I might help you for the video codec problem, as I encountered the same issues. Did you include Package_Dshow? If yes, delete the .rgu file in that directory, cause that file will overwrite all the samsung native codecs on the registry.
  6. Hey guys, thank you for your attention :( My exam's session will end in late july...I have to finish my last exams to graduate asap. Since I'm busy most of the time, I'll share soon all HTC packages I used to make this rom, so other chefs can start a new project. Cheers, Enrico.
  7. If you know VB.net you can program without difficulties in C#, it's only syntax matter :( But you can use this useful tool: LINK.
  8. Hey Rapid, you have to RecMod the folder which contains that modules (S000, etc..) and it will "compile" the .dll To do so, follow instruction here. Good work :(
  9. Great work Rapid, when I'll have some time I'll test it. (If I can help you in something, I have a bit of knowledge of coding in C# for mobile devices). He's not Italian :rolleyes:
  10. Guys I'm in a heavy exam period right now, so I can't dedicate much time and I'm sorry for this. When I'll be done I'll do the release. In the meantime there are a lot of nice roms to play with (also this, despite is quite old, but working) :)
  11. Yes it's like the old dialer (before the Eng/Thai JC2).
  12. Hey! You have to disable the lock screen function for the simple press of the lock button from Samsung Settings, under the second tab (Display etc..). Or if I didn't understood well your problem, maybe it's related to the eboot: did you flash the eboot which came with JC1?
  13. Maybe we have to dump directly from an original acer rom, so it will be more clean.
  14. Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\Manila\Home] and find the number related to the camera application. There must be a string for the icon path: just set it with the new png image.
  15. Can you post a screenshot of where the icon still remains?
  16. In my new 6.5.x rom (JE1) I'm encountering that white squares, so as Rapid said it's related to native 6.5.x roms. In this, JC1 rom, the problem doesn't come out because it was a native 6.5 rom, ported then to 6.5.5. I think MS introduced new GLes drivers in new 6.5.3 rom which interfer with Ginkage's one...I think only him can do something. So, for now the solution is using as base a native 6.5 rom (atm JE2) and port it to WinMo 6.5.5: but sadly in this way we'll lose the 8MB. Stay tuned, Enrico.
  17. HD2 mini is HVGA...OmniaII is wvga. Different resolution can't work.
  18. For me the camera button is working. About the SIP selection there is a workaround as you said. When I'll have a little time to try out, I'll prepare a cab to test and fix the last bugs.
  19. That's wrong. Rodrigo used 2.5.1921, dumped from a quite old HD2 rom. I used the 2012 build from Rhodium. Actually the landscape is supported but it crashes due to the lack of proper driver (I think). @Ryrzy: Did you manage to port succesfully EZinput? I have just a little problem left, that the pop-up of a pressed letter doesn't appear...it's a bit annoying.
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