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  1. Working week is set as 7 day week starting monday. On my phone the week starting day is set to Monday. I have tried swapping these around - it make no difference. If I create an appointment on the sunday only it works just fine, but it will not carry accross to the device if its only on the sunday due to a recurrence. ???!!!
  2. I use Outlook 2007 on vista, and Orange M600 If on Outlook 2007 I create appointments (either all day or fixed time) which recurr say on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday every 4 weeks, when it syncs to my M600 the sunday appointments are missing from the device - it just says no appointments. but they are still present in outlook on the PC. If I create an appoinment on Outlook for that sunday which does not recurr then it syncs fine to the M600 There are no warnings re sync errors. Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to fix it? could it be a bug with Windows Mobile Device Centre, pocketpc or outlook 2007 Regards Chris
  3. Funnily enough, this happened to me last week. A day later it broke in both directions. The phone is still under warranty and I pay extra £6 a month for orange care, and Orange still insisted on charging an 'Admin' fee of £15. When I questioned why I had to pay when it was still under warranty, I was told pay or don't pay its up to me, but if I don't I won't get a new phone. So guess what I payed. I'm so leaving orange when this darn contract is up
  4. This is the 2nd Orange M600 I have owned. Both exhibit the same problem Periodically sometimes once every 2 weeks, other times 1 a day, it will stop receiving or making calls or sms etc. The signal bar indicates signal. However anyone who calls gets diverted through to answer phone. If I dial out it simply doesn't work. I don't get any tones like there's an error. It just says dialling and doesn't do anything until I hang up. The only way I can fix this, is by turning flight mode on or off, or turning the phone on or off. It does this without warning. So if I'm expecting an important call, I have to keep calling the answerphone to see if its still working or not. and its getting a little frustrating. Any one have any ideas? Kind Regards
  5. yeah. Grrr, stupid M600. Any idea where the settings for this might be? Regards Chris
  6. My orange M600 failed to adjust the time automatically from British Summer Time (BST - Daylight saving) back to GMT at the weekend. Anyone know why? I'm my windows mobile 2003 2nd edition C500 could do this? I can't find the settings for it anywhere on the M600! Is this a fault or feature?! :rolleyes:
  7. I bought a M600 when it first came out in the orange shops It had the following version numbers on the boot up screen IPL 2.10 SPL 2.10.0000 GSM 02.07.20 OS my phone recently vanished, so a new M600 (orange care) arrived today. It has the following improvements IPL 2.10.0001 SPL 2.10.0001 everything else is the same as far as I can tell anybody know what the IPL and SPL is and what has changed with the new version release.
  8. Stargate, are there any plans to add triangulation of gsm cells? I used to use celltrack, but this was very inaccurate, there promises of triangulating positions with other cells failled to materialise. I don't have gps at the moment, so this would be very useful
  9. It looks like they've cancelled the free thing, I can only find pay for service plans, still looks fairly cheap though.
  10. I'm thinking about getting sat nav for mynew m600. I understand that co-pilot and tom tom software come on an sdcard. Does this mean that I have to remove the sdcard with all of my music and files on, while I use sat nav to navigate around? or, does it only use the enclosed sdcard for installation?
  11. I've just ordered my M600 from orange. I'm looking at what SD card to buy for it. My favorite memory manufacturer is selling 1GB card which does 6MB/S (40x) transfer rate. The sandisk standard SDcard (sold by modaco) just says fast not what transfer rate. Sandisk Extreme III - SD cards offer Min 20MB/second sequential read and write Does anybody know what transfer speeds the M600 supports, and therefore what card I should get? Cheers
  12. I have this problem too, its only happened 3 or 4 times in the past year. The phone just locks, I've left it hours to free itself but it won't. I end up having to remove the battery. Then the text message is missing. and I never know what I missed. It happened yesterday. (running the very latest official orange rom)
  13. yeah, I think its dying a slow, painful death. I checked last week and the site was still showing beta 6. Nothing really much appears to be happening with it.
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