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  1. I'm confused how to add apps and icons on the main screen. Where to find them?! Pls help
  2. I forget to mention that my ROM is WinMo 6.5 by secany. It works fine and I don't want to chang it. I couldn't post screenshot from the phone display. But for example, the messages in Facebook status look as rectangles. Yes, SMS in cyrillic are received as ?????
  3. Hello I have problems with cyrillic messages in facebook aplication and Google maps @ my O2. The messages appear with incomprehensible symbols. I suppose some fonts are missing. Everything else works fine (in cyrillic also). If somebody has a proposal how to fix the problem, pls ...
  4. Hi Guys I have followed all steps from the first post and my WinMo now is 6.5. As my country I have pointed Singapore although I'm from Bulgaria. But now the language is Nederland, maybe because the phone is got from there. And I can't change the language to English. Please Help!

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