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  1. How to Hard Reset Vodafone 945 ZTE Joe while its is asking for email account and password when i turn it on If its not possible to hard reset then tell me how can I flash it When i hold Power + volume down button its goes into FTM mode dont know what is it When i try to enter in Recovery mode holding volume up + Power button there comes a seaching symbol on the screen but it does not enter in recovery mode in this situation how can i flash it plz tell ?????
  2. when I do all this process there comes fota model mismatch phone will reboot in 30 seconds plz help
  3. Dell streak m01m lcd blank when i press update.pkg from sd card??? any solution
  4. I have Dell Streak M01m 1.6 with build 3883 can i follow these instructions or i have to do something before this
  5. Plz help how can i update my dell to 2.2 and also tell me whole process of rooting and other terms thanx in advance
  6. i was trying to upgrade my b7300 with B7300_BUCKINGHAM_Downloader_v2.4 but during flash my computer shut down becaz of some problem and now when i try to upgrade there come a screen with computer and mobile logo with sign of exclamation ! and in the BUCKINGHAM_Downloader there not comes start downloading button or this cannot be enable now................ what can i do now..................
  7. I have Samsung Omnia Lite B7300 and I want to install Rom of HD2 on it like Omnia2 i8000 is there exist any rom of this type for Omnia lite or any other htc rom like htc hero is possible for Omnia Lite i want to use that application of weather and other htc application on my omnia lite is it possible???
  8. My friend has an Omnia2 (i8000) and he isntalled WM 6.5 , Andriod and Samsung software in his i8000 and all these systems r working together means he can change from setting and can use any one from these three systems........... but he is not going to tell me how can i do this for my Samsung B7300.... Is is Possible to install all these three systems in Samsung B7300 (Omnia Lite) at the same time ???? and How????
  9. Plezz i want i900 portugese rom for GRANDPRIX_V1.8.1_FOR_XP_
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