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  1. I've updated mine too and so far I can even open the GB Road Atlas (137MB) ok, and that's with SPB installed and after the phones been running all morning opening different apps etc. So it does look promising. Thanks for the info re GPS Gate and Memory Map, I put your settings in and it does work ok without GPS Gate, nice one. However mine is still knackered when it comes to the GPS randomly disconnecting, both TomTom and iGO now seem to be worse than they were before the update. I just can't win with this phone.
  2. Good info, its sorted out my Tosh freezing when trying to open shortcuts created in SPB Shell.
  3. Hi eegah, I've got my Peak District map split into 4 pieces, but you could easily do it with just 3, depends on where you want the map intersections to be to make it convenient for you. Is your GPS working ok, I'm on my fourth handset now trying to get it sorted, check out my posts at http://forum.xda-developers.com showthread.php?t=555156 See you on the hills!
  4. As for MemoryMap not loading maps, blame Microsoft for that not Toshiba, Win 6.5 is limited to a maximum amount of RAM it can use for programs. After a soft reset with maximum free RAM I can oped the Peak District 90MB map ok, but after its been running programs a while I can only open maps up to about 60MB. You just have to split your maps down into smaller pieces to have it run ok.
  5. The woman in the shop probably didn't know the difference between GPS and GPRS.
  6. SteveYorks

    GPS disconnects & reconnects periodically

    Hi Zoomig, given that you've tried so many versions of these two programs it seems possible that another source maybe causing the disconnects, Windows or other installed aps. Mines the same as yours, Orange PAYG unlocked and using O2
  7. SteveYorks

    GPS disconnects & reconnects periodically

    Mine is the same, using GPS Gate 2 and Tom Tom 7. Even with a clear sky and 10 satellites locked on it will just loose signal now and then for about 20 seconds and then come back on.
  8. Thanks for the info kevin. Further to the preferred audio players that people use I stumbled across S2P (slide to play), freeware from the same guy who made S2U2. This is the best player I've come across that fits my needs. It's a very 'Applesque' looking thing with great touch control and animation, swiping from 1 album cover to the next, and songs/albums presented in proper finger friendly lists instead of tiny text and folder views. Oh, and it even has reflections under the album covers :-) It still has a couple of small faults at the moment (version S2P v0.73 beta), but if you go back to a previous version you get the full 'coverflow carousel'. (which was removed from the latest version due to instability, however I haven't tried it with the Tosh so don't know if this older version would be an issue for us). http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=556885
  9. xdalover - Interesting to hear that the Snapdragon is designed for audio performance, where did you hear this, do you have any links? kevinpwhite - nice to hear that someone else with good iem's can back up what I've already heard on the Tosh. I'm hoping others with various phones and DAP's (Cowon D2 perhaps?) can give their opinions on the sound quality too. Maybe the TG01 should be mentioned in Head-Fi, although I can see most people dismissing it out of hand of any possibility of been comparable with good dedicated dap's, especially given that it doesn't even have a headphone socket. I've tried SRS WOW but it bricked my phone and I need a hard reset. I tried the v.3 cab and the three separate cabs, both had problems and then I lost sound so had to reset. It did seem that the sound was louder and altered to be wider, but I couldn't get to the SRS program to alter any settings, and it sounded crappy with too wide a sound. I see many mentions of peoples favoured audio player, Pocket Player, Nitrogen etc., am I correct in thinking that all would produce the same sound quality, as they are all just front ends used to point to files?
  10. Well the Nitrogen player is out for me, tried using it this morning but some tracks were crackling at high volume. I swapped back and forth between Core player and Nitrogen, using same volumes, songs etc, and it was just happening with the Nitrogen player, so I've removed it. I'll look at Pocket Player next :)
  11. I've been using the bundled Core player for my listening, mainly because I use that for watching videos also, which it does perfectly. However the nitrogen player looks interesting, and I see there is plenty of choice for WVGA skins - I think I'll be checking it out :)
  12. I've owned a Sony S639 player for the past year, which by all accounts is a very good player having the renowned Sony signature of musicality about it. Anyone hanging around the Head-Fi forums may also have noted that a few people say there is little or no difference between this and the top of the range Sony X series. And given the laws of diminishing returns in the audiophile world I for one can believe this. I'll be comparing the TG01 to this player. The IEM's I have are the Phonak Audeo PFE. Again these are highly rated in the Head-Fi forums. They cost around £130 if memory serves and by many accounts hold up well against iem's such as the Shure SE530. I also acquired at Christmas a pair of Audio Technica ATH-AD700 open back phones, many reviews and write-ups can be found about these on the net, suffice to say, they are pretty damn good. Although for me they were lacking the 'slam' in the bass that I was looking for. This may be expected in open back phones but it was just too lightweight and lacking in impact. Anyway, I thought for a laugh I'd connect my AD700's to the Tg01, just to see how crap it would sound compared to a dedicated mp3 player. And considering it doesn’t even have a proper headphone socket I thought it may not even drive the phones at all. WOW. Highly impressed! It's hard to describe but the instruments seem to have more space around them within the music, a bigger and better presentation. The Sony now sounds more confined, a smaller soundstage and more muffled in the lower bass. These differences are only subtle but its these subtleties that add up and give a better overall musical experience. And the bass slam with clarity that I was looking for, it's there! I did some A/B testing last night between the Sony and Tosh and the Tosh has better bass. Where the Sony has a slightly muffled quality to the smack of a drum, The Tosh has an immediate crack of an impact about it. This is even more apparent when listening with the PFE's. I tested this using the beginning few seconds of Paul Simons 'The Boy in the Bubble'. And all this through that poxy usb connector and a flat equaliser setting. So, my plans now to upgrade to a Cowon S9 in search of audio nirvana have been shelved. The TG01 is my player of choice. It may be seen by some as a bastard child of a mongol, but I love it, and it loves me!
  13. The address starts with HKEY_lOCAL_MACHINE, (HKLM is just an abbreviation)). The rest of the address is the same. P.S. I now know what people mean when they mention the improvement to the carousel :)

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