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  1. Catani

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    WOW....Amazing work Yonn...simply incredible. I was just about to retire my Omnia in next couple of days....Definetely gonna delay that for a couple of more months....No rush...I love my Omnia way too much. Bro....my Omnia thanks you for the bottom of it's CPU :P for prolonging it's life just a little more. Testing it right now....awesome rom so far. Keep it up man ....you're doing a hell of a job. Cheers
  2. d3us it's been said over and over again....to fix the weather tab issue and internet in general you simply have to change the operator settings...if it doesn't work from the first time change it again and it will work 100%. Of course....after you change it ...give it a minute or so just to be sure. Cheers
  3. Hi Omi900.......Had the same problem as you at my first flash ....I freaked out so much when I saw the exclamation mark on my Omnia that I almost pissed my pants :) LOL (When I first flashed it 2 years ago it was brand new almost 2 weeks old) and I tried countless times till I decided to change the PC. Tried it on a relatively new PC and it worked like a charm. I would also suggest using USDL GRANDPRIX for flashing (if the original loader doesn't work) as it has worked for my last 40 flashes or so. Anyway....hope it all goes well and ...it would be a pitty not to try to flash your Omnia again since the original roms suck so badly and the customs ROM's found on Modaco kick ass (specially OCK's and the newly joined Yonn). Cheers
  4. Yeah....that didn't work either. I'm guessing it's not a rom problem since I tried so many roms....some that I actually know they were working properly. So...anyone else got any other ideeas :(
  5. Hi guys.....I need your help. After flashing for the "100th" time my Omnia a couple of days ago I can't seem to be able to use my GPS anymore. So ....last ROM I flashed was OCK's 23118 Premium. I realised after a couple of hours that my GPS is no longer working. I tried TomTom, iGO, GpsGate , GPS Test and all that other stuff and I can't seem to find any sateliltes(it finds the gps hardware though). I tried to flash to some older rom's even steff195 latest rom but same thing. Actually with steff's rom I managed to see like 15 satellites but couldn't get a lock on any of them. Thing is....I suspect that TomTom and iGo were showing the satellites from the XTRA data and not actual satellites hence the no locking issue. I tried like 5 different roms from different chefs and no luck so far. I really could use some help since I kinda use the nav software a lot (even though it's kinda crappy). What do you guys think....is my GPS actually dead or is there something I can do to revive it? Thanks a bunch
  6. Hi OCK. I've been testing your roms these past few weeks and I've been wanting to tell you that you're doing a great job, very reliable...and almost no problems at all. I've just finished flashing you're latest rom..the one with DINIK's icon set...and it looks great. I was wondering if you could...maybe in a future release maybe you could integrate also his slider and lockscreen as they look simply awesome. Anyway....great work..keep it up. Cheers from Italy
  7. Wow...you're a feisty little fella aren't you? :( I just stated that personally I don't find some of your issues relative. If you want to change so many things and have an aesthetically and consistently pleasing and working under most condition rom....maybe you should try cooking something yourself. Who knows ....maybe you'll find it that you actually enjoy cooking the Omnia cuisine instead of just tasting it :(
  8. No offense but most of those "issues" aren't really issues. Half of those issues happened just to you (tried ROM on 2 Omnia's and working just fine)and the rest are ...well....not issues ..but you having problems with his esthetical taste. The fact that you don't like some icons arent' really issues :( As for MaGaWa....great work man...only problem I found so far is the fact that when my Omnia is locked and have notifications or messages I have no shortcuts to access them ( I tap the slide button but nothing happens). Oh...and yes...the keyboard is kinda ugly....but I can install a different one if I want to change it. Anyway....keep up the work dude....nice start. UPDATE: Forgot to mention that my Omnia won't charge when attached via USB. Maybe you could take a look
  9. Well...why would you want WinMo7 on your phone anyway? M$ is doing this all over again. Huge requirements for an OS that doesn't really live up to the hype. Personally ...after I saw the official presentation I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Real fugly UI. 10 million applications that you'll never actually use. I for one take M2D or Android over WinMo7 any day. But...maybe that's just me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  10. Catani

    need a swedish rom

    So...let me get this straight. Instead of reading THE FIRST POST of the first page topics below you opened a new one? That's just lazy. There's a bunch of them here : [ROM] WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5.3 | BRUNO ADLER - 10/02/2010 .....Just a couple of topics below yours.... You're welcome
  11. Well...maybe you should've just posted on Ryrzy's thread instead of opening a useless new topic. This way maybe Ryrzy could answer him self to your question....since it's his rom your using.
  12. Hi guys....Just wanted to let you know that right when I was ready to flash to another rom (since obviously the last one wasn't working) it just came back to life. The only thing that I actually did was to turn off the phone for about 15 minutes (I was so pissed that nothing was working that I spent it ). And right when I had to turn it back on for flashing weather tab started working...3G...E-mail client, Internet Explorer ..everything works perfectly. Hopefully...it will stay that way. Don't know...whoever wants to try.....that's what I did, not really a solution...but works nevertheless. UPDATE: Yeah....spoke too soon. Worked for 10 minutes now it's not working again. Guess flashing it is....
  13. Jeezus kenny LU....did you really have to quote the whole post? Some people.....'nyways....Happy New Year OCK....thanks for all the hard work and effort you put in your roms. Much appreciated :D Peace
  14. Steff...love your roms bro, been trying them all these past few days. Tight and fast...Just the way I like it. One question though. Is there any chance that in the future, on the M2D versions you can change the icons?You know...big high res icons, so we can use our thumb instead of the awful stylus? Thanks and...looking forward to your next releases. Cheers @Borfas...wow....I haven't seen the english language so butchered in a long time :D. I Think you're better off PMing Steff "in limba romana", maybe this way he'll be able to understand you .I'm Just sayin' ;)
  15. LOL...have you even bothered to look into the Omnia's usb connection to see if you have activesync activated? From what you're telling us it seems that you have mass storage device selected instead of activesync.....Therefore it is impossible for WMDC to work. Cheers :)

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