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  1. also try to change Repeat rate to 23 so one more time: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Keybd "InitialDelay"=dword: dec 775 "RepeatRate"=dword: dec 23
  2. Well, by default, I don't think Windows Mobile is able to remind you about birthdays stored in contact details. I installed SPB Mobile Shell, which have a mainscreen plugin displaying next birthday. When you click on the plugin, it opens a list of next birthdays for 10 more contacts.
  3. You are not able to connect just to your private access point or to all wifi networks? Because I have problem with the signal strength of my router. My Omnia disconnects even when I'm 3 metres from the router. And when I visit my friend I have stable network connection in the next room in his house. So I ordered new 8dbi antenna (I don't know what is the original one, cannot find this info anywhere, but I've read on many forums that the IT makers put just 2 or 3 dbi antennas by default) so when it will arrive I will report.
  4. Hi Rapid81, thanks for the gr8 job, will the new version support light sensor of B7610?
  5. I found theese, hope it will help now: CSC_B7610NXXIK6.csc CSC_B7610NXXIL4.csc
  6. Hi, I downloaded my version just few days before firmware downloader stoped working, I don't know if it will help you. My phone is from original distribution for Slovakia (B7610NIRDIK6.csc), here is the csc download link
  7. @ Davka or anybody who use Samsung Mobile Firmware Downloader, please can you try to download this: - GT-B7610_B7610NXXIK6_B7610NIRDIK6_B7610XXIK3_B7610NIRDIK6_XX_IRD Everytime i download it it begins to decrypt and it stops at 99%, its my ROM version and I would like to have a backup. Thanks in advance
  8. I have the previous version installed (5.00.20wp) but i suppose the settings are similar, so start the program, go to tools -> settings -> display -> backlight override and check all 4 rows: - always on - on when charging - on when navigating - on when speaking Hope it will solve your problem
  9. Can somebody post free ram after start? :huh: I wonder if they improved it. BTW Samsung officially announced 6.5.3 for I8000 in May. Hope they will release one for us also. @Davka -> you are welcome. We all thank you for pointing out new ROM
  10. Well my Omnia Pro had the same symptoms, It didn't charge from both wall and pc and I couldn't turn it on. But I know why it happened. I made one mistake. I borrowed from my friend common reduction from 12V car plug to USB, something like on this picture I wanted to try if the data cable is able to charge the phone in the car. But my friend didn't told me that he modified it, and there is 12V voltage on the middle wires. As we all know common usb interface has 5V voltage. So it damaged some electronic parts inside. After this I couldn't charge anymore, and when the battery drained, I couldn't start the phone. So I went to the service center, hoping that they will not find something that will cancel the warranty. Fortunately they didn't. They changed the motherboard and the system connector (micro USB) and they recorded the same IMEI I had before. I didn't pay anything. So my suggestion is to take it to closest service point, becuase I think its hardware issue.
  11. I will try to upload it in the evening. But not promising ;)
  12. I personally use iGo8, but I'm not sure if an India map is available. But Sygic navigation software has this map with 90% coverage and 950 000 interest points. Check here Sygic
  13. OK, anyway I uploaded it, so if somebody wants to check what kind of operating system is in it B7610 IJ4 ROM Here is what the zip contains
  14. I appreciate your hard job sorry for my question. Is there a way to find out the operating system version without need to flash?
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