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  1. I'm kinda old school, is transcriber included Gary ? thx
  2. just google i9000 Samsung GT-i9000 Bada comes equipped with a 4.2-inch 16 million color AMOLED touch-screen (WVGA-level), and support for multi-touch functionality. Samsung GT-i9000 Bada has size 63 × 123 × 12.2mm and weighs 158 grams. The phone also uses Samsung S5PC110 1GHz processor, but it also offers 16GB and 32GB editions. The main features of the Samsung GT-i9000 has a 12 megapixel camera, support for touch-focus, smile shutter, photo geotagging, image stabilizer and ISO3200 settings, and also supports WCDMA / HSPA, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm headphone port and GPS / navigation A -GPS. Price Samsung GT-i9000 Bada still not available. Samsung GT-i9000 Bada
  3. Wow! that's a lot of work RFD, No rush ! , take your time and enjoy your vacation :) .
  4. second that!! Maybe it's in the works on a beach coz Rodrigofd is on vacation now......... :)
  5. Oh my Goodness been waiting fer this!!. Thank a lot Powser.
  6. Yeah Omnia 2 has serious memory shortage problems. 95 MB to start with is very very good. Please do consider an English version.
  7. Greetings Zero....... Did you manage to cannibalize the Large Indicator thingy ? THx
  8. Right on! personally i think rodrigofd should focus to perfect the Ultralite ROM. Because thats the one that will work on current available apps. not the 6.5.3. but then it's up to the master to decide on how he uses his time.. im just rambling here...... ;) With the current performance + memory that the ultralite is giving I would see the Ultralite as nlited XP SP3 and the omnia 2 as an unformatted PC. 6.5.3 is stock Vista, while WM7 is Win7....... just my 2 cents. ;)
  9. ANGEL_666 just curious . whats is the source of your rom, official omnia 2 or cooked ?
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