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  1. +1 :D Yep, I've found an alternative to MCR. Updated regularly, stable, fast, customisable and with Sense. Bye all. :)
  2. So many ROM's.... Can't decide. Got to have something more up-to-date than MCR, so going to try this one. Seems to be updated regularly and has a few interesting mods in the second post.
  3. +1. Thats 5 years in the UK. Your IMEI was probably blocked for a reason... How about you give the phone back to the original owner?
  4. X-Post, but IMHO an epic one: Tired of no MCR updates? Tired of no response from 'Paul'? Paid for Ad Free? Want to fix something that ain't broke? Click here for advice.
  5. @EddyOS Thanks for the links to those ROM's. ;) You are forgiven.
  6. ;) This isn't about proving ability or acquiring knowledge it's about not f**king up an expensive piece of kit. More people who join the community = the more development that will go on. For those unsure or weary, the guides are a godsend. Perhaps we could abolish the need for driving instructors, people could just buy a car and learn how to drive by following the examples of others?! ;) Right, I'm off.
  7. @kongo09 Thanks for the link to that ROM!
  8. If your looking for work to be done by a developer, perhaps Modaco is not the best place to be? I remember when I was a newbie, those were the days... More updates than you could flash! ;)
  9. AFAIK no. Apps like the weather widget, address book, dialer, calender, Mail etc are all HTC proprietary. There maybe emulators but nothing as good as the real thing. Went to Cyanogen for a few days, switched back just for the HTC stuff. Long day + phone off = can't be bothered to try it myself but have you just tried installing the vanilla launcher and tried running the address book from there? Do a search for Launcher on the Market and install a few.... Let us know how you get on.
  10. The only problem with the HTC JackBauer is that the battery only lasts 24 hours! :lol:
  11. Wait for the HTC Desire HD2 with an even BIGGER screen:
  12. Don't sweat it, just send it back. If they do get it working and find out it's rooted, doubt if they'll do anything about it. I bricked an N95 (pre-Android days) and claimed on my Orange Care Insurance... though it did get 'water damaged' before I sent it back, just in case.... ;)
  13. Sell your existing phone on eBay and buy a second hand 'newer' model again on eBay. Did this with my 12-month old Hero and had a 1-month old Desire for £100 ;)
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