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  1. Thanks for the answer. Sorry but sometimes I need crayons to really grasp it... Do I need to get the data plan, etc on the free phone that I initially start the account with or can I change that at any time (i.e. upgrading to a data plan after I swap the SIM)?
  2. Same boat only coming from VZW. Help me on this, I need to buy a cheap phone from AT&T with the SIM card and then swap it into my UK unlocked Kaiser, right? Can I switch back and forth between the two (doing construciton it might be better to not trash an $800 phone)? -and- Do I have to originally purchase a phone with the correct data package so the SIM functions as I want it to in the Kaiser? For that matter, can one just purchase a SIM card from AT&T or does it always have a phone wrapped around it? Sorry for the newby questions but thanks for any help!
  3. Question for Paul: Do you know if the problems that AT&T is having with the ROM are going to delay this past a few weeks? I'd hate to think I could have ordered one tonight and still not have it by October from AT&T. Originally you had said you'd just go with the AT&T device but would that still be the case - knowing what you know - if your were a US customer? As always - THANKS so much for all the info leading up to this. The excitement is what keeps me going!!
  4. Paul, I'm rather a knob at this stuff but do you get the impression from this build that the GPS will be the HTC version or will a person need to subscribe to the AT&T service (or just use a BT receiver)? Thanks a million for all of the hard work, it's what I look forward to each day!
  5. I noticed on one review that this phone has the PTT button on it. Does anyone know if that is expected to remain on the AT&T version?
  6. craftonc


    It's been almost two months... any luck.... anyone?
  7. Does anyone know of a way ro reassign the buttons on the side of the i600. I tried looking in RegEdit but couldn't find anything that looked promising. I'd like to change the 'ie' button and the 'notes' button.
  8. Nick, I finally got one to work... this one! Thanks to RJ I've even figured out the shortcut changes, etc. I do have one change I'd like to make that's well over my head. Is there a way to drop the 'carrier' and move the date into that line? I've made the time bold-16 but it now overlaps onto the date. Everything else is just about perfect for what I need. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know of a way to 'unlock' the reserved speed dials of #1 and #0 on the i600 w/ Verizon? I'd like to be able to use the whole keypad.
  10. I have three game demos that leave the link in the Games folder even though I removed the game. What can I do?
  11. I have a Samsung i600 and the calendar syncs fine up to Nov 1. After that (until April 2005 it seems) all full day events are off by one day. Any ideas?
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