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  1. meinnit

    Source code coming soon????

    Can't wait!
  2. meinnit

    Will we see a Modaco Rom??

    I think Paul has forgotten about us :(
  3. The model number is on the box anyway. I ordered mine from ebuyer on ebay when they had the 15% off voucher and got a 53 model.
  4. http://twitter.com/#!/paulobrien Just to make people aware, Paul is working on the Hannspad. You can follow his progress on twitter
  5. You could phone up again
  6. Just seen your updates on Twitter...looking promising so far! :) Definately a better deal than the Andypad IMO. They will have to drop their price of increase spec to compete.
  7. Congrats! What are your first impressions?
  8. I have a 1653 and don't suffer from viewing angle problems
  9. meinnit

    460 Hannspree Hannspad sold over the weekend

    http://www.micropoll.com/a/MicroPollData?id=433909&mode=html Thanks for the forum! There are over 150 people eagerly waiting for a custom ROM as the poll shows
  10. meinnit

    Playing with the official Desire Gingerbread update

    good to see desire getting some love!
  11. meinnit

    Andypad website updated with specs & prices

    I know you guys have dismissed the Hannspree Hannspad but there is certainly a large community out there waiting for a decent custom ROM. I did a poll and almost 100 people so far are waiting on some form of a custom ROM. I understand that there can't be much done until Hannspree release the source however do we still hope for something usable? I think there should be a dedicated forum on here, it will do very well considering ebuyer have sold 500+ devices in the past few days alone. Poll link: http://www.micropoll.com/a/MicroPollData?id=433909&mode=html
  12. meinnit

    460 Hannspree Hannspad sold over the weekend

    Link to poll: http://www.micropoll.com/a/MicroPollData?id=433909&mode=html
  13. meinnit

    460 Hannspree Hannspad sold over the weekend

    I started a poll to see what sort of interest a custom ROM would generate for the Hannspad. So far over 3 days 83 people would like to see a custom ROM. There are obviously people that would like a ROM but haven't seen the poll so I think 83 is a huge number waiting to see a ROM so lets have our own forum!
  14. meinnit

    Andypad website updated with specs & prices

    How do you know that Andypad screen is any better?

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