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  1. finally i bought the sgs2 and compared to the lg2x even if they have similar hardware the sgs2 feels way, way, way, ..., better. the lg2x has the power but lg to write working software. btw thanks to paul. he was the only reason why i used the lg2x and didnt send it back to amazon for the past time.
  2. Till tomorrow you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S2 without branding and without any kind of plan für 439 euros in Germany at Saturn (german market for electronics, NOT a online shop). This could be interesting for those who are planning to buy an sgs2 and live near to germany. its actually worth to give it a call before you go there because its kind of rare. You will buy it for 539 Euros and a get a 100 Euros card for Saturn/Mediamarkt as gift you can sell on ebay for about 95 Euros 439 Euros are about 397 GBP
  3. do it like clevic wrote: get cwm (01.06) from: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1098001 and follow instructions to install i had to put all files on the external sd card and it worked :) before i upgraded to new cwm i installed fr18b2 back to have a running system. i guess you need to do that too to install cwm 3.2
  4. i have the same problem. had fr18b2 installed and have cwm i wiped and then i converted back to ext3 with attached zip from first post without any errors. then i restored my nandroid backup of stock rom also without any error. when i reboot it will stuck at lg logo. any idea how i can get your version of cwm on my device without having a rom running on it?
  5. Oh i didnt know there is a opere mobile besides the mini. thanks for your answer, i will give it a try.
  6. As mentioned in topic would it be possible? i just took the browser.apk from a custom sgs2 rom and replaced it with browser.apk in system/app on my 2X with FR18B2. That way doesnt work but i only play arround and dont really know much about that. So can any dev say if this would be possible some how? would be interesting since the browser on sgs2 works great but so far i dont know if thats because of code or hardware.
  7. some people asked for a battery mod version without music control and with toggle bar. i like this too and for me the howto worked and i want to share my configuration. i atteched the modified FR18batt_mod.zip. It is for FR18B2 with toggle bar (or at least it wont remove it). It worked for me but always do a nandroid backup and report if it doesnt work for you! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LDR4Z6TW
  8. For me it was worth the change because the stock rom wasnt really stable for me. After many many reboots i decided to get a replace. I had the same problem with the replacement and so i decided to install a custom rom. After reading into it i had to decide between CM7 and Modaco. Because CM7 is 2.3 and there is no 2.3 from LG i took the Modaco rom. Paul put a lot of work into it and its way, way better than the stock one. More stable and after a battery stats wipe (best way choose "Battery Calibration" from "NéMa" and follow instructions) the battery last longer. Well if its faster ... quadrant says yes ( i have choosen the sql fix) but i dont think it was slow before. I didnt select the LG stuff for my fr18 and i use Launcher Pro. For me there is no way back to stock and i dont like LG because they seem to not really care about there software. I only bought the 2x because of the tegra chip what i (and probably many others) have been waiting years for. I hope the next Nexus will be a HTC and a Tegra3 but i dont think that will happen B) If the 2x is to slow for you, u can overclock it and hit 4k in quadrant as i remember right. So give it a try. For me it was worth it!
  9. -hdmi works -fm radio works -bt audio and phone works (tested with sony car radio) -video recording works (i use one of the camera hacks for better quality but this one here works good)
  10. is it usual that the phone gets pretty slow while installing something and even when install is finished for a while? Fr18 Beta2 without Ramhack, with sql fix, mck14, launcher pro In quadrant i hit the 3k but when i do 3 updates i cant really use the pnone for a short time.
  11. dude if you have fr18b2 installed do a battery stats wipe. i rarely need more than 50% of battery a day since this great rom and a battery wipe. 2 hours of gps logging (34km with my bike) took about 22%. i use twitter, facebook and mails a lot and do play some games and have some calls every day. today i have 60% left and i have no idea how to get it low to 0% because i would like to charge the battery this night because tomorrow i wanna bicycle with gps on and i dont know how long i will ride. last time it worked for me to watch simpsons on youtube in android browser :D but that was für about 30% and it took a long time :D EDIT: btw my last post ... this picture is kind of ironic but true
  12. My personal favorite is: Its german and the popup says follwing: Connect battery charger Battery almost empty. 90% or less left. :D:D
  13. Thanks for reply! i totally forgot to write what rom i use -.- FR18B2 MCK14 without ram hack, with sql hack. German vodafone sim
  14. i have a problem with the stock browser. when i use the adressbar to search like clear adress and type "modaco android" and hit enter it will resolve the request into a google search adress but it wont open the google search results in browser. does anyone else have this? when i go to google website and use the search field in browser it works fine.
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