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  1. I think from this ROM looks better, at least the buttons are aligned! ;) If it's anything like the usual CM power menu, pressing reboot will give options to reboot normally or go to recovery or fastboot. Who knows, not tried yet as it suggests a wipe which is time consuming. I need a working phone tomorrow morning :P
  2. Yep! Reflashing build with the pre-OC/UV kernel now as it was fine. I am not interested in overclocking, though a little undervolting wouldn't go amiss! :)
  3. Same for me. Boots fine, but once up its randomly fast then slow. Managed to play World of Goo, did other faffing, then put it down for a bit. Come back and it was laggy from the lock screen, bursts of fast then slow... Seems from the thread on XDA that some phones do not like the 1.4GHz clock.
  4. The Galaxy S2 appears to be missing from the new list. No Galaxy Nexus either though it is a very new device...
  5. Just flashed Ir5 from kitchen, search button on bottom rocks, though it'll take a little to get used to it shifting the other buttons a little! I come from the other popular ROM...it's nice that I can reboot my phone with power plugged in without fear of having to pull the battery...! Aside from that no issues to report, though I've not wiped at all yet, will see what mess that brings in time! :) EDIT: Trackball alerts don't seem to be working for me, unless I'm missing something. I set missed calls to red, turned screen off and called phone from another phone. The light was white when ringing as usual, but after the missed call display and screen turned off, no flashy light :(
  6. Think I was lucky! Played with one in shop, was LCD...asked if I could have a fresh one as it was a gift. She opened it today, and it has an OLED screen :( Just trying to find a good FroYo ROM for it now...
  7. Well, after cooking another build, this time with Stock Lockscreen, it again doesn't see my o2 sim and then loops back to MoDaCo splash. Will have to live with ZTE Lockscreen for now I guess!
  8. Right, got it working. Cooked another build, this time I unticked Quickoffice and Stock Froyo Lockscreen. Phone is happily running the ROM with an o2 SIM. Going to cook another now, this time ticking SFL and still unticking Quickoffice. Will update on how it goes...
  9. Does this ROM work on unlocked LCD models? It keeps loopoing as soon as the lock screen appears. Sometimes it says Insert SIM Card, other times it doesnt, but it still repeatedly loops. If I insert an Orange SIM it's fine. Reverting to a backup of the stock Orange rom, the phone works fine with another SIM.
  10. Mine so far is doing pretty good. I keep it in a Mofi pouch from eBay, and it's either in there or in my hand. The home button has micro scratches that I can see when held into the light. I was mostly concerned about scratching the chrome surround, but it's perfect so far. No scratches that I can see on the back, but I've not a bright ligh to check with atm. Definitely looks easier to damage then the Nexus I swapped for this.
  11. The stock recovery appears to perform checks on packages now, which prevents Clockwork recovery from starting! :) Titanium backup will restore my SMS/MMS but the database appears to be incompatible...I did do a backup with MyBackup Pro also, but it failed, so went to restore my Nandroid to find that it doesn't work! So reflashing JG5, installing ROM Manager, restoring my Nandroid, backing up with MyBackup Pro again...etc...hassle! EDIT: Arghh something has reformatted my ext4 partition on ext-sd as j4fs! EDIT again: Turns out Nandroid doesn't backup the zImage
  12. Having just installed JG5 and RC3, together with Mimocan's kernel, placing /data/data in /disk/data. Every time my phone starts up, it'll ask if Titanium Backup can have superuser. If I look at the permissions list, I can see the apps I've allowed. But, every time I run them, it prompts. This happens when any app wants su. Is this a known issue with the above combo? Is there a fix? :( EDIT: It happens every time an app wants su, even within the same session. ie in ROM Manager, I click Fix Permissions, it asks for su, I grant it, let it complete, click Fix Permissions again, and it asks again! Any ideas? Cheers!
  13. IIRC 3.5mm to 3x Phono cables designed to work with Nokia's also work fine with the Galaxy
  14. Does the error happen after Kais has pushed the files to the phone, and the phone has booted into recovery to apply? If yes, happens here too, I assume it's normal as it happened the first time I went into recovery, before I pushed a new ROM.
  15. It doesn't matter The lag fix moves /data/data to /dbdata/data then creates a symlink to /dbdata/data at /data/data simples! :) As far as any app is concerned, the data resides at /data/data I use MyBackup Pro to backup SMS/MMS...Google host my contacts so I don't need to back those up.
  16. The amount of free RAM will always be lower than expected with Android phones, as the radio allocates a chunk of the RAM to itself behind the scenes... The kernel being used must also support HIGH MEM. As a comparison, a Nexus One, running CM-5, using a kernel with high mem support, has access to 390MB of RAM. Further RAM can be utilised with softmods, bringing the total up to 411MB (or so, don't have device in front of me right now for exact figures). Hopefully in time, once the SGS has further customized ROM's available for it, more RAM will be available. Not really seeing much of a difference in use between the two yet, apps appear to stay in memory even after I've switched between a few others.
  17. Perhaps I'm being an idiot or something. But, after flashing to JFB and then flashing the update.zip for MCR, the phone boots up and gives me mass force closes. Am I supposed to root after installing JFB via odin?
  18. Would using NAND cause any noticable life shortening of the chip?
  19. Is 2.2 too new for some apps on the market atm? MyBackup Pro isn't showing. As I wiped, I kinda need it :rolleyes:
  20. It's all part of the "International Express" service. The papers are sent ahead of the plane so your package clears customs even before the plane touches down. And then its usually delivered on the 'next possible business day'. Apparently due to this method of clearing customs, we're more likely to be tax'ed as they know exactly what's on each shipment without even checking the packages. http://www.dhl-usa.com/IntlSvcs/detail/WWP...ices/AirFreight
  21. I am assuming, that given the phone has been in my home for less than 24 hours, that the entire box will be swapped out for a new one? Having heard reports that they want just the phone sent back, I am unhappy with that, especially considering the fact that the problem with my phone could very well be related to the battery. Along with the fact that with only owning my phone since today, I'd like a brand new replacement. From experience, naked handsets with no accessories are refurbs, and it's clear from reading other boards that HTC have many of those! :) If they won't agree to swap the lot I'll just get a refund I think, and try a bit later down the line when these issues disperse.
  22. About an hour n a half or so mine took. And then less than 5 mins of joy while whizzing around in aww over how fast it was compared to the Magic.
  23. Dayzee...do HTC UK not offer the "Device swap" option listed here:- http://www.google.com/support/android/bin/...y?answer=166519 My phone is DOA, worked for about 5 minutes after powering up, after waiting for the light to go green too!
  24. Mines DOA! :) Charged until green, powered up, did initial config, looked in settings, played with live wallpapers...froze. Soft resetting with power+voldown+ball does nothing. Pull battery, battery back, not powering up, phone gets really warm. Left it a few mins with battery off, it powered up, then locked up when entering PIN. Sucks :)
  25. What number did you call, for future reference. And address etc if you have it :) Hope they turn around the exchange quickly for you!
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