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  1. just entered, already following via titter so should be good to go :D
  2. oh no Atari ST. Give me the amiga 500 any day :P (lets not start a flame war, that happend over 10 years go , hehe)
  3. right!!!. Sorry for taking so long coming back to you about this. Well i have my cadle. it works great, it has a charger for a second battery. usb cable, charger etc. it wokrs by it sitting in the cradle and a small usb lead the connects into the side of the phone. this is the only bit that is a small downside to this great cradle. any other questions etc just ask
  4. just to let you know i am still waiting on del. but hopefully it should be before weekend.
  5. I agree its always the them up there that get everything. But lets see how much it will be etc first. I thinkthey should just but dvb-t in the handsets and be done with it(but of course they can not make money from that can they:< )
  6. hi, I have ordered one from ebay. when i receive it i will post a mini review so you know if its any good etc.
  7. hi cream long time no see. But to answer your question i do not see it being a problem. I am using a custom rom on mine at the mo(niki project). As long as you hard spl the device first there should be no problem. Made sure I had a backup copy of the rom first, just in case there is any problems with the hadset etc and i need to send it back. any quesitons just ask :)
  8. i have had mine since the v2 launched last year. i am very pleased with it. I do not have any issues with but that may be due to me running a custom wm6 rom(as said before voiding the warranty maybe)
  9. you best bet is ebay, you can get a set of three stylus for about 3 quid. t-mobile i think want tou charge you 8 quid for one from what i remember. thats if they can find a code for it etc
  10. looks like i found the replacement for my mda(tytn). just have to wait until paul gets a review unit :rolleyes:
  11. The best way to fix is stick some bluetack in the hole and push it up with the penthingy:D that will fix the problem
  12. becuase i want a one click way of doing it. It so i can get in the car click rotate button, run tomtom and drive away in the quickest possible time. (from what i have read with tomtom 6 you will need this as they have reomved the rotate screen option from the setting etc)
  13. thanks for that. but for some reason it does not work on my vario II??. does work ok on your wizard??
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