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  1. for a long long time of the great wm 6.5.3 rom for me sinc je1 lite finally u've release the new one thank so much but where is th E-Boot part
  2. :) :D :D can't used with IPhone today 1.5.4 death freez link was present , help me please
  3. ;) :D :( I just add a song by song :( :D :D I don't know how to add folder too I have to used this player for the same reson :)
  4. I love this rom , more fast and stable than ever . only two problems that touch player sound controlled fuse with system vol. not like the old touch player and there is no official samsung Thai keybord for wm 6.5.3 until now Good Rom , best i ever have
  5. serch only on the first used . Then open file from resco explorer and add to fev or play list The new song and detail will present as adding by update .
  6. first sorry for my english :huh: i ues FtouchSL for touch ability in old ppc program as skyscape . the FtouchSl interfear all touch program with non respons to touch , that resolve with exception in FtouchSL setcomplete ting . But for two program that i can't find the file name and location is startmenu and magnifier file pls help me to complete the perfect window medical phone for the answer thank so much :P
  7. Your application is very amazing but i have a problem about the clock sorry if the problem has solve before , but i can't fixed it
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